Who’s dragging?

Does life drag you?
Do you drag life?

Isn’t it easy to be dragged along?
Isn’t it content to be dragging along?

Isn’t it the path of anywhere and nowhere?
Isn’t it the path of somewhere and now here?

Aren’t you the victim to be dragged?
Aren’t you the leader to drag?

Isn’t it hard to resist?
Isn’t it tough to drag?

Isn’t it a drugged state to follow?
Isn’t it euphoria to be followed?

Does life drag you?
Do you drag life?

18 thoughts on “Who’s dragging?

    1. That’s good to know.. And personally I think, that’s the way to live.. 🙂

      Though what I meant here is, do we live by our terms only, or do we compromise ourselves at times..

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    2. I think that we undoubtedly should compromise as that simply shows respect for others. However, I don’t see compromising as being a negative factor. To the contrary, I think it shows a personal strength to be able to acknowledge and respect others with different perspectives. Assuming that you have different spiritual beliefs than me, I can respect your beliefs while still honoring mine… and neither one of us is dragging or being dragged.

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    3. That’s what I felt when I finished that post.. 🙂

      Though we try to lead our lives in a set path, we do take detours for respect, honour and many other reasons.. That’s not done with regret for it is just part of our intention.. 🙂

      But still I feel dragged at times and I have the need to drag my life back to track.. 😉


    4. Aadhira – that sounds to me like a perfectly normal person! Our work (e.g.) will inevitably impact our life and, unless we want to risk losing our job, then we have no choice but to compromise. However, we should not confuse our identity with our work otherwise it starts to get confusing. i.e. You may well have to work late because it is expected of you. The “independant” Aadhira must decide to either cooperate which is respecting her employer’s wishes (and showing a level of financial maturity); or to accept that more freedom is desired and to start looking for a more appropriate job; or refuse to work late and accept the consequences. With the exception of the latter (which is an over-reaction to a different [perspective), you have not sacrificed any of your self esteem and independence.

      Similar scenarios will present themselves in relationships where you have choices to make which simply establish your independence.,

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    5. I think the secret to a happy life is to know who you are; to love that person without reservations; to accept one’s strengths and weaknesses; to accept one’s imperfections, and to share one’s uniqueness with others in a manner which supports one’s spiritual belief.

      For most of us, that takes quite a few years to achieve because the time prior to that, is simply you learning all about yourself!

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    6. For me, I’m still in the years of finding those answers, hence the questions.. Maybe over time I would be realising the answers better than now.. 🙂

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