Waiting for you!


As the sun rushes to kiss the horizon,
The sky blushes and turns red..
He kisses her everyday..
She blushes at every kiss..

This is the oldest, yet youngest love
And a truly forever kind of love..

I’m here on this rooftop waiting,
For my kiss, blush and love..
Is that you over the horizon?
Oh yes! And here I come, my love!!

27 thoughts on “Waiting for you!

    1. Right across the tree,
      I see you searching around..
      Right now I am free
      From anxiety, with you around..

      Here I am dear!
      Waiting to hear,
      What you have for me..
      Isn’t it what I too want to say?!

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    1. It is indeed just a dream!
      Can’t you hear the whoosh of my wings?
      Can’t you see the hazy search of mine?
      How could you not feel my heart beating for you?!

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  1. Don’t say it’s a dream
    I long for you to be real
    To enfold you with my love
    To lay with you right here

    The ground is so very soft
    And with blue skies up above
    Our hearts can beat together
    My angel… my love!

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    1. It is still the dream..
      The thought of despair,
      The yearning to be real
      And my absence next to you!

      And I am your dream come true!
      But not just a day-dream,
      That fades with the next thought..
      I, your dream, would part you not!

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    2. Then fall into my waiting arms
      I desire to wait no more
      To feel your touch my dearest
      To hear waves crashing on the shore

      You may well be my dream
      But our future shall be together
      I never wish to awake from this
      We’ll stay entwined forever

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  2. The kisses and the blushes
    Are the only remains
    And the sky, earth and nature
    Are the only witnesses
    For the wait that ends here,
    And for the future that begins,
    Within the arms of each other,
    in the dream that came true!

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    1. Thanks dear! ❤
      You would love the add-ons in the comments too! 😉

      (PS: Couldn’t believe that this is the first time you are commenting on my blog.. 😉 😛 )

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  3. Makes me fall again
    for the silky curvy lineage
    Across it the whispering shadows
    wanting to throw the arms around
    until late I realise it’s the season bygone with the old winds of my dear love

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