What kills..

There’s nothing that kills a heart like lack of trust.. What kills faster is when you know that you have put in your everything and being accused of incompetence..

8 thoughts on “What kills..

  1. Comes down to choosing your friends carefully. Acknowledging, not only your own imperfections, but theirs. Being sufficiently happy within yourself that if another is critical of you, that you can push them away and move on. Knowing that if somebody cannot accept you for who you are, then that is their loss. 🙂

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    1. Do we have a choice at all times to choose whom we help? What if, I cared more than they deserved?

      Just because others lacking the basic humanity is making me the most cared here.. But that’s worthy of another long post!

      Just let out a heavy sigh and move on! For, as you said, it’s the other’s loss and I’m guilt free, for I’ve given my best and have no regrets!


    2. Hi Aadhira – We always have choices. If you think that you care more than they deserve, then you are choosing to quantify caring. You can choose to help anybody you wish, and conversely you can choose to live a self-focused life. It is always your choice. Being human, not all your choices will be good ones, but then you can choose to learn from your experiences… or not! It is always a matter of choice.

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    3. Agree on the choices..

      But choosing to not care, is something I couldn’t think of.. Guess this is my learning.. I just need a lot more practicality and stop caring whether they deserve it or not..

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  2. Just got reminded of these lines of Tagore….”what matters if some men are good and some are not, they are all travellers of same road”….

    And this polular saying “ithuvum kadanthu pogum” which I tell myself occasionally…

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