Death of Humanity!

A question that keeps running through my mind in the recent times.. Some answer might be of use!

20 thoughts on “Death of Humanity!

    1. I think that a doctor’s “breaking point” with humanity is impossible to quantify in deaths as it is surely a result of the doctor’s personality; sensitivities; ability to disassociate; length of time in profession, and so many other factors such that every doctor would produce a different answer. Similar questions could be:

      How many children would it take to burn-out a teacher?
      How many homicides does it take to make a policeman callous?

      Very interesting and thought provoking Post Aadhira, but I really don’t think that there are any finite answers.

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  1. If they were humanitarians to begin with, it’ll drive them to work harder. Losing patients is a big deal these days and no one wants to have that on their record no matter how monstrous. The answer to the question lies in watching how they treat loved ones. It’s the friends and family that suffer the most if there’s fallout from the stress.

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    1. Have quite a few friends in the profession. I have seen many things. It’s not like you see on TV. They’re regular people with flaws who make huge mistakes and suffer unbearable pain but they are very kind to their patients. That’s something to be thankful for.

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    2. I had a recent experience where money making took forefront.. That is what had inspired this line..

      I do have a great deal of respect for their service and their profession and that is another reason I couldn’t digest that attitude from them..

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    3. Ahhh… Any doctor who talks about money first is being unprofessional. The financial aspects are important because you can give away more of it to people in need but it is good to be cautious if that attitude is at the forefront of any discussion.

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    1. Well and good if it doesn’t die.. But when seeing hospitals doing business, it is hard to believe in it..

      Anyway, it is good to be reassured with those words..
      அதுவும் தமிழ்ல படிக்க ரொம்பவே நல்லா இருக்கு.. நன்றி! 🙂

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    2. பாதிப்பு பலதரப்பு மக்களுக்கும் உள்ளது. இதற்கு ஒரே தீர்வு உண்மையான மருத்துவ விஞ்ஞானம் உலகில் வளர்த்தெடுக்கப்பட வேண்டும்.

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    1. I am happy to see tamil apart from mine in my blog.. Do visit other posts and you might like them.. 🙂

      I will check your blog soon.. Seems you are more active in blogspot than wordpress..

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