Do Diamonds grow on plants?!


When I saw these diamond buds in the morning, I thought yes, Diamonds goes grow on plants! And these diamonds are even more precious as they couldn’t be held in palm or made into jewellery. But they help us nurture us and cherish us with the vital element of our life. The H2O. And still they look like poetry written by Nature!


17 thoughts on “Do Diamonds grow on plants?!

    1. There was a tiny glint of sun when I first saw it and it faded in the time taken to take out the camera and capture.. Though it still looks good, the missed shot was even more beautiful..

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  1. If you will allow a small grammatical correction:

    You can say “Do Diamonds …………… (plural) or
    “Does a Diamond…………. (singular).

    You cannot say (in correct English) “Does Diamonds………..

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    1. Then sparkles the diamond with a glint so fierce and yet so gracious, as if to mock the pain of the past and as if to dare anyone else to beat its resilience..

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