The spin of life!

Life keeps handing you the tokens..
With happiness and sadness..
It spins it and the face up
Becomes the emotion of that moment..

Eventually, the coin is flipped..
And when you are lucky,
The coin flips back to happiness..
I’m indeed lucky right now.. 😉

6 thoughts on “The spin of life!

    1. That depends on your core belief. If you believe in fate (i.e. your future is pre-determined), then no. The coin will flip regardless of what you do because it is beyond your control.
      If you believe that you can impact your future, then you always have a degree of control over the coin (i.e. the coin may flip due to some circumstances, but you can flip it again to impact how you are going to react to those circumstances.

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    2. I was thinking, irrespective of what I wish, the coin is going to land on the side of some other plan..

      What is in my hand, is to recognise and highlight the goodness and happiness existing on that side..

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    3. Re your first paragraph: Not necessarily. When a coin is flipped, there are only two choices in how it will land. You just have to decide which is the better choice (for you) and wish for it. You have a 50/50 chance of getting your wish! Remember that you have the ability to rationalize, analyze etc. The coin does not, but simply complies with various laws of physics.

      What you are saying in your second paragraph is pretty much what I just said (above) except that I am suggesting you review the possibilities before the coin is tossed, while you are not doing anything until after! The end result could well be the same! 🙂

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    4. I was thinking that you only wish from the choices available so then you have a chance of success! If neither outcome is positive, then recognizing the happiness is important. 🙂

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