Random motivation

There are few random lines that stick to us for a long time.. Even after we forget when, where, who said or any such details. But just the idea seems to reiterate and give us hope or happiness or cause sadness.

To me one such line is this: “Whenever you feel demotivated, motivate others”

That is such a deep and valuable lesson for me.

Would be glad to know if you have any such quote or insurance..

25 thoughts on “Random motivation

  1. I agreed with idea, best way to learn is teach others.

    Forgetting the I or ego and dissolve in other problem makes you happy.

    But Aadhira can’t be demovitated ever , I am sure why ?……

    It’s a secret …………to explore

    Since she knows how to motivate others….. hehehe…

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    1. It’s a difficult question of life.

      Almost for everything…around….

      I need motivation for each and everything…you can start from any corner…

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    2. Instead of boring motivational stories and theories, why don’t you start up with yourself.. There must be something you must be too proud of yourself, just revisit and for now, why don’t you send me the link to your most favourite post in your blog.. 😉


    3. Oh really?! I was thinking you are a follower of my blog.. Now I wonder whether I’m right.. 😉

      I’ve never before met anyone who is nothing / no one.. Glad to meet you! 😉 😛


    4. Whoa.. Cool.. Unlike me, the one with so many dump stuffed inside, you are empty and you have the option to fill it with anything of your choice.. 😉

      Hope it is filled with good thoughts and lots of smiles.. 🙂


    5. Agree on the burden.. It reminded me of a quote by Vivekanandar, “Being tied up by gold chain is as painful as being tied up with an iron chain”

      Anyway, I am not accepting that you are nothing / empty / hollow or anything of that sort..

      If you are so, then you are either a highly pious man or yet to be born soul.. That’s just my opinion..


    6. Quoting me ‘Vivekananda’ says, You have glimpse of emptiness in your life.

      Let me tell you in your lines of understanding, Soul ever born , never dies.

      Every soul is equally pure and pious , Soul is neither man or women,

      Soul is shapeless, formless, body less.

      Cant be seen..

      so its equivalent to nothingness.

      I am not body for sure, neither I am mind , I am beyond body and mind.

      Mind is nothing but collection of thoughts, being nothingness is free from thoughts.

      Being nothingness means being beyond and mind…

      Hence I am nothingness hehehe…

      Being nothingness means free from ‘ego’ that is combination of identifying the self with body and mind.

      i am ego less free from ego means being nothingness….hehehe….

      Cant you talk with nothingness…Aadhira Ji…

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    7. I could talk with nothingness and would be glad to do so.. What I was saying was, I just couldn’t relate to it..

      Your explanation has made it clear, we both are looking at the “I” from different perspectives..

      The “I” referred by me was as a person – the outer form, what a soul becomes since it starts to grow.. For starters, It becomes a child, sibling, grandchild and much more.. And all those mean something in what we become in our life. Either with their presence or their specific absence..

      Even if you take a person living beyond the comfort and clutter of relationships, the form, as human is a social animal and have to become a consumer, producer, distributor or just a by-stander in the whole process of life..

      So I couldn’t understand how some one could be nothing..

      But if you are talking about what is going on inside, You are most fortunate!

      For attaining that emptiness is the ultimate goal of many spiritual rituals and religions..

      Congratulations on attaining that! 🙂


    8. You are more then what i expected, You have great understanding of life.

      Will reach to heights in coming year of life,
      Connected first person so far, who can dare to talk on those grounds.

      You are just a step away where i am ?

      I got you completely, for people like you . I donot need words or perception but we can talk to each other in silence?

      What do you think, can silence be relate to nothingness.?

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    9. When silence is related to nothingness, the silence is deafening and is capable of being more eloquent than any words in any language..

      Yet, I choose to be a mere mortal and enjoy to be anything other than nothing.. For ‘nothing’ is sort of just one thing and dealing with ‘anything other than nothing’ needs lots more life skills..

      And without knowing everything about ‘anything’, I can’t enjoy ‘nothing’.. So I don’t bother with it right now.. 🙂 Hope you could get me.. Sorry if I am confusing..


    10. hehehe You are not confusing at all, more over your clear in your concept.

      I agree with you, being you the way you are.

      You said , You dont bother , about nothingness, since you cant enjoy it.

      So let us come to the topic what you can enjoy. I love know, Mortal Aadhira, can you please share me, what you have enjoyed so far, and whats in your bucket list, what yet , You want to enjoy….if you can share with me…to carry forward this topic the way you wanted it should move…

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    11. A small change.. It is not that I don’t enjoy ‘nothingness’.. I enjoy it.. But I prefer not to embrace it right now for n number of reasons..

      I would like to think that I live in the moment.. So nothing much as bucket list and all.. As for what I enjoyed, blogging is on the top of the list, right now..

      And it is easier for me to respond than start and I guess, I could keep up with any topic at least for awhile.. 😉 So don’t bother about picking the topic and all..


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