The window


18 thoughts on “The window

    1. So it can’t be a Wordless Wednesday after all.. 😛

      I see just the light when I look at the window and when I watch through this frame, I see the light of hope in the darkness!

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  1. You didn’t introduce the Post as Wordless Wednesday!
    I am really not sure what I see because it tenses me up. I feel as if I am in a cage of some sort and with no obvious way out. I am also not sure whether I want to get out because through that window is a world that lacks color; it lacks life. It is a very sterile world out there. 😦

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    1. I know it’s pointless for me to have a wordless post, at least until I successfully master the art of shutting up.. 😉

      As for the window, it is sterile, lifeless and without color and of course it is a cage.. The only difference is, I place myself outside the cage and I let in all my fears and hopelessness to be locked inside the cage.. So, I could see the rest of the world as colorful and shimmering with hope! 🙂

      Would you like a hand to step out of the cage and look at it from this side.. 😉

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    1. What are you going to lose anyway? The picture you paint from inside isn’t any beautiful and I don’t think whatever on the other side could be any worse than the inside..

      So why not take a leap of faith and check out for yourself?

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    2. But while my cage is cold and colorless, it is secure. Perhaps I am better off here just looking through that drab and menacing window. Perhaps you are temptress and trying to get me over to your side which is much worse.

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    3. Haha.. Seems your imagination is not at all caged and is indeed wild.. 😛

      Now I am inclined to think whether the cage is locked from outside or inside, since you seem to feel so secure.. And there’s also the possibility that you are still lingering in there, even after the locks are opened..

      In that case, not just temptress, even angels couldn’t help you..


    4. Well, dear lady…. perhaps you could step into my world. Perhaps you will appreciate my little room and window, and choose to stay? Perhaps you long for the security which I have?

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    5. Perhaps I’ve just broken out of my own cage and not willing to step into another.. Perhaps I could just peek in and get back to my wandering.. Perhaps I like my freedom and uncertainty more than security..

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  2. I can offer you uncertainty, and perhaps even freedom. You just have to find your way in here. Perhaps you could bring your world of shimmering colors and hope in with you so we can both enjoy?

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    1. Just like infinity, some uncertainties are more thrilling than others and also few are scary.. 😉

      You could enjoy the rainbow only when the sun and rain meet and I’ve not yet found a way to bag them and confine them to a tiny cage.. And of course, I don’t prefer it that way..

      Since we both are too much attached to our world, why don’t we enjoy just by staying on either side of the cage? 😉

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    2. You mean to say that it isn’t possible to build a story from different sides of the wall? 😉

      I thought it could add more dimensions than otherwise..

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    3. Well I was trying to see if you could be tempted into my world, and had all sorts of plans to do it. Your earlier comment seemed pretty decisive that you were staying on your side… which made Blogging sense! A lack of other readers comments was very noticeable and perhaps it was because they had no idea what was going on which is perhaps not good in public blogging.
      It was a pleasure (as always) being creative around your creativity! Have a wonderful day Aadhira. 🙂

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    4. All sorts of plan huh? I’m intrigued about those plans! Let’s see whether you make an irresistible deal.. 😉

      As for lack of other comments, First, I’m not bothered about it.. Second, the history says, I rarely get many comments and my other regular commentators would comment irrespective of other threads.. So, either way, that is not at all a point I consider while replying to comments..

      I’m really liking these long comments as they help me keep up my creativity in a better form.. 🙂 Thanks for them.. 🙂

      Have a great day ahead.. 🙂

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  3. We will undoubtedly have other opportunities to be creative, devious, and many other literary “adventures” in imagination! Looking forward to the next time (when you will not know my plans…….. nor I yours!) 🙂

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