The year long feud
The month long waiting
The week long quarrel
The whole-day silence
The brimming tears
Waiting to spill
Was replaced with a twinkle
With a silent hug
And a sweet kiss!

17 thoughts on “Reconciliation

  1. But will it last
    This has happened before
    The careless comments
    Rivalry perhaps
    And can I really forgive
    Do I really care
    Perhaps it is me that needs to change
    But then …..
    The silent hug
    The sweet kiss
    Once again, you are there

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    1. It will indeed last!
      For the feuds aren’t from
      Silly careless comments,
      Rivalry / Jealousy or
      Anything as silly as them..

      When stripped of masks,
      Named ego and the pride,
      It’s just the fight for proving,
      Who has more love on the other…

      So of course I would be there,
      With a silent hug, sweet kiss,
      Again, again and yet again!

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    2. I am confused
      Fighting to prove love
      Is that true love?
      Is love a competition to be won
      …. or lost?

      Shouldn’t our love be equal
      To survive the rigors of time
      But then …. the thought
      Of a silent hug, and a sweet kiss!

      I can only think of you
      At times when I am alone
      Your love for me is entwined
      With my love for you.

      So proof is not necessary
      Just a silent hug and a sweet kiss.
      A caress when we’re alone
      A silent hug and a sweet kiss
      My angel, please come home.

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    3. Sometimes the only way
      I know to express my love
      Is also the way it burns you..
      For when I am fire, you were water..
      You drench me, I burn you..
      Yet the core is still intact,
      For it is draped safe by love
      And the passion let’s it grow back..
      The fight continues..
      So does the love..
      Just turn around and behold..
      For I’m home, in your arms..

      P.S. The idea of fire and water was inspired from another blog post I read today morning (@ The obsessive writer)

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    4. But is our love based then on passion?
      Fire and water are opposites…are we?
      Are we discords in a melodic theme?
      Shouldn’t we be harmonies?

      So many questions but then..
      I feel your touch, and turn around
      And pull you close to me
      We move together to a quiet waltz
      Our bodies move as one

      There are silent kisses
      There are gentle caresses
      The fire and water are gone
      There is just us …. and the night.

      I know there are stars
      But them I do not see
      I know the moon is bright
      But again neither is it seen

      I am looking down on you
      Matching your movements with mine
      The sweet kisses, and the silent hug
      Our love will be shared
      Our bodies entwined
      There’s no fire and water this time.

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    5. For the water and fire together
      Became the wind..
      Filling each and every crevice
      Of the world, with love..

      All the differences shattered..
      All the similarities merged..
      The black and white of yin yang
      Waa not to be.. For there are no two..
      Not two souls.. Not two forms..

      Just love and every derivative of it!

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    6. Well Aadhira – I have to admit that you lost me on those last two verses, which is probably a good thing! As always, a real pleasure being creative with you. Take care. Colin. 🙂

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    7. That was in reply to the last line of yours.. There’s no fire and water this time.. They merged into one is what I meant..

      Anyway I am starting to think why isn’t someone as old as me isn’t replying to me this way and only someone as young as you.. 😛 And then realised that I might not be replying to them without harnessing my creativity.. 😉 So Thanks once again for the dance with the words.. 😉 🙂

      With warmest regards,
      Aadhira 🙂

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  2. I too am rather surprised that nobody is replying in a creative way, as clearly they enjoy your style of writing…. and it does tend to invite a response! Perhaps your creativity and lyrical ability is a little daunting to some people? Perhaps you could write a small piece and invite your followers to continue with it if they so wish? Regardless, I shall look forward to your future writings. 🙂

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    1. Have done that without much result.. And I think you too remember those two phrase stories..

      Not everyone is getting inspired enough to do so, I guess.. Anyway, what I could control is, what I write and how I reply to my comments.. I’m not having much regrets in either of those areas.. And these are going to be there for more than a day..

      So when the time is right, the response would come.. And I’ve got enough patience for that.. 😉

      Right now am happy to have these few regular followers like you, who take the time to add life to the otherwise mundane comments area.. 😉

      So am looking forward for your replies as well.. 🙂

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