[Bharathi Vasana kavidhai] Vision – Fame Part 10

Oh Sun, those objects seeing your face also gathers light.
The hundreds of houses including Earth, moon, …, …, Saturn, …, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune — all these start to laugh gloriously just as soon as your rays fall upon them.
Like sparkles that emit from the flame, all these have emitted with an explosion from the Sun, says others.
These are changed by the thief called time.
The light faded; didn’t lose light, just less light.
There is nothing in the universe which doesn’t have light.
Darkness is lesser light.
The girls including …, … revolve around the Sun.
They shower their affection towards their father.
Hypnotized by his magic, they revolve without wavering from their orbits.
They would never step over his power boundary.
He is always looking towards them.
They always rotate in such a way that their entire (body) surface is drenched from his radiance.
They capture and hold his light in flower, water and air.
Sun is a very special Lord. Wherever he touches, life blossoms.
He is the one loved by the flower.
The leaves attain their destiny in his beauty.
He is happily cherished by the water and land and air.
The sky grasps him.
All other Lords service him.
We sing our praises.
His praises are nice.

The original Tamil version as well as other parts are available here


2 thoughts on “[Bharathi Vasana kavidhai] Vision – Fame Part 10

    1. Thank you so much.. 🙂

      I’ve no idea about Sanskrit.. Sorry couldn’t help you there..

      The original script is in Tamil by one of the renowned poet, Bharathiyaar.. And maybe you might check that..


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