Request for a post-mortem!

I had a thought just a moment ago..
The moment passed and so did the thought..
The thought might return,
Would the moment return too?

But the thought was it the same?
Coz previously it was original,
Now it is mere repetition..

As moments keep flowing,
Thoughts too keep flowing..

Few are ground breaking..
Few just break the head..

Few just stay forever..
Few just disappear like a vapour..

Few eludes the words..
Few eludes from remembrance..

Few are intimate..
Few are despicable..

Few are reverent..
Few are guilty..

Few are forgotten..
Few are immortalised..

Few are stacked away deep within and taken to grave..
While few are publicised and taken for post-mortem..

So what is your post-mortem report of this thought?!


17 thoughts on “Request for a post-mortem!

  1. A post-mortem is final
    It signifies death
    It recaps what has been
    And what can never be again
    A post-mortem determines
    Cause and effect
    It simply defines …..
    the hows, but never the whys.

    Your thoughts are not in this group
    For thoughts can be again
    They may die, but then they may live
    As long as you are alive
    Your thoughts are simply dormant
    Asleep until that time
    When circumstances dictate an awakening
    And your thoughts can live again

    Perhaps you shared your thoughts
    Perhaps that person will nurture them
    They may then live a different life
    Have slightly different results
    And in the event of your passing
    Their life is still assured

    A post-mortem on your thoughts
    Is therefore quite illogical
    For they may not have to die
    But should they fade with the memories of you
    Then we will all be grief stricken
    Such beautiful thoughts
    Such expressions of awareness
    Gone forever

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    1. Is the thought the same
      After it transforms into words
      And take some shape?
      Don’t they attain a finality?
      They do die as thought
      And be born again as poetry,
      action, prose, letter, inspiration
      and much much more..

      But definitely the thought
      as mere thought has died..

      And though the deaths are painful,
      “After all, to the well-organized mind,
      death is but the next great adventure.” (JKR)
      So as my thoughts embark on to the next,
      Let us not hesitate to post-mortem..

      Yes, the post-mortems are about
      Cause and Effect..
      Let us ponder over
      What caused the ripple..
      Let us linger over
      How far the ripple reaches..

      And after all,
      “Heard melodies are sweet,
      but those unheard are sweeter” (John Keats)
      So let us not grieve over lost sweetness,
      But just prepare ourselves for more sweetness..

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    2. But if a thought dies
      And resurrects in words
      Was it really ever dead?
      And if a mere thought could die
      And caused more thoughts after resurrection
      Then its soul surely lives on
      Albeit in a different form

      The next great adventure pre-supposes death
      Which has not (here) been determined
      So yes, let us ponder on the ripple
      Let us linger over its reach
      Let us determine its existence
      But unlike a thought
      The ripple does die
      It is absorbed by its own medium

      John Keates was right
      That unheard sounds are the sweetest
      Unheard sounds
      Unspoken thoughts
      Unseen ripples
      Do they have much much in common?

      Unheard sounds are limited by ones imagination
      Unspoken thoughts are limited to the creator
      Unseen ripples are never realized to their full potential
      But let us not forget
      This is about post-mortems
      A post-mortem on an unheard sound is ludicrous
      A post-mortem on an unspoken thought lacks imagination
      A post-mortem on an unseen ripple simply cannot be.

      The whole post-mortem discussion
      Is a very subjective topic as you can no doubt see
      With conflicting conditions being established
      Quite simply by you…
      … and by me!

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    3. The soul does live on dear..
      But are we conducting
      the post-mortem for the soul?

      Unlike thought,
      a ripple doesn’t die!
      For the chaos theory states that
      a flap of butterfly could cause whirlpools..
      So imagine what all might happen
      from a single ripple!

      Just like a thought,
      a Ripple is more powerful..
      Yet neither the initial thought,
      nor the initial ripple could ever
      fathom the depth of its impact
      nor the length of extension
      it attains in the next form..

      Those unheard / unspoken / unseen
      are the privilege of the initiator
      and are a secret to be guarded.. 😉
      And it would be ridiculous for
      expecting post-mortem on them..

      When I talk, I express myself,
      When I listen, I learn a new perspective..
      What if there are just two views?
      Still it is better than one right.. 😉


    4. My friend, such differences we have
      I believe ripples do in fact die
      Even though their effect may live on
      As for chaos theory?
      Theory is all that it is, nothing more

      When you talk, you do express yourself
      But who are you?
      A flower with complex scents
      Will we ever know you?

      When you listen, you learn new perspectives
      But what are they?
      A birth of new dreams perhaps
      Will you ever tell us?

      And as for just two views?
      There really must be more
      More than talking and listening
      More than yours and mine

      Does a mute man only listen?
      Does a deaf man only talk?
      Is the world simply you and I?

      Perhaps an autopsy is necessary
      For we all need to see
      The infinite variables of life
      In this wonderful world…
      … that includes…
      you and me!

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    5. Without experiencing Summer,
      Rain couldn’t be appreciated better..
      Still the beauty of Sun and Rain live on
      complimenting each other in their own way..
      Hence the differences bring out
      the uniqueness and nurture the other..

      When I talk, I express myself
      as what I like you to know me as.. 😉
      I might be the luring death
      with the fragrance of rose
      Or the majestic lotus amidst
      the stinking mud..
      So will I ever let you know..
      Maybe, Maybe not.. 😉

      When I listen, I learn new perspective..
      But do I listen what is actually said,
      Or do I listen what I want to hear?
      Did I really understand your intent?
      Or am I just babbling with words
      that are spilled and set for dissection?

      Will I ever acknowledge even to myself,
      This is where a new dream was born?
      Or am I that deep in vain,
      To daresay that is my dream of ages?

      There are indeed so many views,
      just as there are many forms of dance..
      When the dance of words are in such rhythm,
      with its own tune and rhyme,
      composed by and for the two,
      others enjoy, absorb and cherish..
      But would they dare to interfere?
      Not, in the fear of messing the beat.. 😉

      Who knows the colorful dreams of a blind?
      Who hears the vocals of the mute?
      Let us have little more compaasion
      and spare those intellectually challenged.. 😉

      There is so much wonder in here..
      In this little world of you and me..
      with open gates for anyone to enter
      with no restraints so to leave at will..

      So why be distracted by the visitors to come?
      Let us explore the wonder and stage the play..
      For the play lives on and someday….
      Someone might enjoy the play
      And even take part in it..

      So, for now, the next act goes on
      Just with the two of us.. 😉

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  2. You are right of course
    What is black… without the white?
    What is a smile… without a frown?
    What is a right… without a wrong?
    Differences allow us to appreciate
    To see the contrasts

    Differences give us choices
    What to display and what to hide
    What to embrace and…
    What to push away.

    It really is a wonderful world
    Although some simply will not see
    The clouds, the rainbows, the ripples in the pond
    The birds, the flowers, the trees

    Mother Nature, unlike us, has nothing desired to hide
    She is open, for us all to see and love
    Such beauty to behold
    But again, some simply will not see
    So let us encourage open eyes
    For while they be distracting
    We should share what we believe

    We should share our conscious thoughts
    And our appreciation of life
    Perhaps it will stay just the two of us
    But who knows…. perhaps another poet will call
    Then we shall have more thoughts
    Then we shall hear more sounds
    Then we shall see more words
    And then… our perspectives may change yet again!

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    1. Despite the differences,
      Black and white are untied as colors,
      Smile and frown as emotion,
      Right and wrong by moral..

      While difference might accentuate beauty,
      Being of same flock let’s in the recognition..

      Choices are beautiful
      Choices are confusing
      Choices are conflicting

      Beauty is in the eyes of beholder
      You could force a person to open the eyes,
      But never could push to enjoy the beauty..

      Like the birth from the egg,
      Let it break from inside..

      While we wait for the birth,
      Let us strengthen the nest,
      Add little more color and cheer
      For the young one to cherish and nourish..

      And let us keep the hope intact..
      Coz, when there is addition to the world,
      We might get a new view..
      Or be assured of our old ones..

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  3. Hi Aadhira – As usual, your creativity seems to have no limits however, I would like to highlight one simple word which left a stain your last verse….. Coz!

    There really is no such word and reflects on the writer (at least from my perspective). “Because” would be better. Even ’cause, while an acceptable short form (with the ‘ signifying the omission) should be used carefully to avoid confusion with “cause”!

    Coz is nothing more than rather bad written slang, and your educational level would dictate that you can do so much better than to use such forms. 🙂

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    1. I knew you would say that.. 😉 But I realised that only after I sent.. I still remember the use of dint..

      I would like to agree on the endless creativity of mine.. But I’ve not tried pushing the limits and I was wondering whether I could come up with another reply to yours.. Thanks for saving me.. 🙂 and thank you so much for pushing this far and for those awesome comments.. 🙂 🙂 🙂


    2. I had forgotten about dint, but thanks for reminding me (I think)! 🙂

      As for pushing your limits, and given that it is your Blog, I shall look forward to responding to whatever direction you decide to take your Posts. 🙂

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    3. You gave a very similar comment when I had used dint in my post.. Guess the post title is He!

      I push my limits while replying to you.. 🙂

      As for my posts, they tire me out at times, to come up with something worth publishing.. I’ve come so far.. So I’ll make sure I’ll make it to December! And then I’m definitely taking a break! 😉

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    4. I really miss reading other blogs.. There is no point in writing without reading.. And maybe I will try to keep posting when I come with something really very interesting and worthy than having a rigid schedule.. 🙂

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