To my dearest readers..

Time flies or crawls for the same period depending on what you are measuring it with.

Just awhile back, I was heaving a sigh, for a particular memory of few months back seemed to be very distant. But here I am writing my 300th post and have successfully kept up my new year resolution so far.

For the past few days I almost skip to post anything, I was not even inclined to throwback my old posts or polish those drafts and hit publish. It was so easy to take away the thought of posting anything on blog. And it is surely reflecting in my past few posts.

The one thing that had me and still pushing me to hit the publish everyday is the notification.

I have realised the easiest way to get followers and boost the stats is to devote time in exploring other blogs and the best advertisement for any blog is in the spontaneous comments that you leave across other blogs. It is indeed a very simple proportion. The more you give, the more you get.

But, I have been getting new followers almost everyday and most of them are not ‘follow-back’ followers. While few follow and disappear, few take the follow seriously and leave likes / comments.

Though I have been regular in posting, I have been a very poor follower myself and hardly interact with my fellow bloggers beyond my blog. This is one serious regret I have and I might even dedicate next year just for actually following other blogs.

While I would bother about them next year, let us come back to the present.

I have few wonderful posts to my credit and I will not shy from accepting the praise on those. As well I do acknowledge myself, I have been giving random senseless posts too. They are the forced / last-minute posts, posted just for keeping on blogging.

I do appreciate each and every blogger’s support and trusting me to get-over the crappy posts and publish few more nice posts. Ripples will continue to cause ripples, just for those few kind hearted ones. Thanks is an inadequate words to say to you people.

Do take a bow from me and kind smile for you and some more smiles for you to pass on.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Blogging!

30 thoughts on “To my dearest readers..

    1. That’s overwhelming! Me, an inspiration! I shamelessly agree it has an awesome ring to it.. But that’s little bit too much, I guess.. 😉 If I hadn’t been writing silly posts in between, I would have accepted it whole heartedly.. 😉

      Anyways, it is still super awesome to hear that from you! Thanks a million.. 🙂

      I would never get used to your appreciation, I guess.. 😉 For you are one of my favorite bloggers whom I’ve been admiring for years.. 🙂

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    2. I have liked those so called ‘silly’ posts as well. After all the readers too cannot read deep stuff all the time.
      I feel that regular writing has brought out the beauty of your expression even more.
      You have been admiring me for years!? We have known each other for only about a year, I guess 😛

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    3. Agreed and delighted to know about the liking for those silly posts.. 😉

      As for bringing out the beauty of expression, I am a writer, after all and writers love their words, even if its lugubrious or just plain old silly.. 😛 So I will let you be the judge of it and accept whatever you say.. 🙂

      You are one of the bloggers I remember following even before a year.. If you want, I could nudge your memory about the ‘e’ challenge.. 😉 Now don’t think too much into it.. And just keep admiring my silly and not-so-silly posts with a pinch of salt and cans of chocolate.. 😀 🙂

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    4. I do remember the ‘silly rambleee… ‘. And also the first post of yours that I came across. It was the picture of a brick kiln I think and posted for the MMC. I looked through your posts and found that lovely poem where you talk of poetry being born after the thoughts were in gestation…
      You still haven’t forgotten ‘lugubrious’!?

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    5. Oh dear.. Those bricks were my first mmc post! And the gestation was from a post within my first ten posts or so.. And you still say, we were friends for just a year.. 😛 that too after referring to every post from almost three years ago.. 😛 😛

      I’ve not forgotten it yet and not planning to forget it any time soon.. If I did, I’ll make sure to ask you to remind me again.. 😉 😸😸😸

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    1. Thanks to you for bringing out my creativity with spontaneity! Every growth needs someone to keep them in check and for making sure the growth isn’t stagnating ever.. Thank you for being that support and I would trust you for pointing out my shortcomings and thus pushing me to be a better writer!

      I look forward to your comments as ever.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Those words are what I mean as the fuel to keep me going.. This means a lot.. Thank you so much Santosh! For those kind words and for the support extended for ages.. 🙂

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    1. Mr.Hari, I like the respectful ma’am which is very much uncommon in the blogosphere.. But it would be easier to converse with Aadhira, or Ms. Aadhira.. Still it’s your preference..

      Aadhira 🙂


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