Peaceful sleep

Dog sleeping on dust

Dog sleeping on dust

Only someone who has no regrets or one who leads a contended life could sleep this peacefully while lying on the floor surrounded by nature in its primal form. So what would it be for you and what might be the reason for this dog? But do dogs need reason to be peaceful?! 😉

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13 thoughts on “Peaceful sleep

  1. Yes, Aadhi. . We all miss that peaceful sleep. Our tensions of tomorrow’s schedule always keeps our one eye open. And Dog is here definitely enjoying the company of nature. Nice one.

    Have a good time Aadhi. . 🙂

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  2. To answer your last question, I would suggest Yes! If they (dogs) have the security of a full stomach; a secure environment, and have no need to watch/control/herd or otherwise be “on duty”, then I believe that they will sleep peacefully. Ray’s sleeping habits are a little unpredictable, but that is believed to be an influence from his earlier life.
    We humans are probably very similar, except that we have the knowledge of future events (excitement, apprehension) to interfere with our sleep.

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  3. hmmm interesting questions… peaceful sleep is at a premium… knowledge/awareness of future and regrets/thrills of the past deprive us peace today! blissful ignorance often is a great asset, it gives us the must needed isolation from the harsh realities that could stress us… btw, liked your post


    1. Oh yes.. It wasn’t disturbed from its deep sleep and I just realised that I haven’t got permission from the dog for publishing its photo.. 😉


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