Cloudy thoughts!

A cloud
The image that flashes your mind might range from fluffy white to charcoal black and shades of Orange, red, pink and much more combinations..

But what is a cloud? Just air!
While a cloud passes through you, just a chill you feel..

Yet, the colors, the shapes, the uses… Phew.. a very long list indeed.. Not to include the number of instances it goes through dissection from poets, writers, lovers, best of them all kids..

If nothing tangible as the air could take so many forms and wear that many shades, why don’t we try ourselves, just a little bit to lose ourselves and trust that we could reflect the beauty of nature with its vivid colors?!

18 thoughts on “Cloudy thoughts!

  1. Clouds are formations of air masses that carry moisture and can produce visual effects as a result of temperature differences, the resulting air movements, and use the lighting as offered by the sun and the moon. They are also impacted by the wind. Moisture, temperature, lighting and wind!

    Based on your context, just imagine how we could develop if we always embraced change (moisture content); moved with our dreams (temperature differences); took full advantage of our world and all the potential that it offers (the wind), and always presented ourselves in the best possible light (the sun and the moon). Just imagine!

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  2. Clouds…tiny droplets of water ..vapor they are ….on wings of dust they traverse…spilling hues to wings of imagination!….hmmm…..nature certainly lets us …to lose …to be…just be!!

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