All the world’s a stage

When the world’s a stage and people are actors, aren’t there masks all around?

A mask is generally considered as something which conceals the original form and gives a new identity to the one who wears it..

I don’t agree with the general definition..

Fine, here’s my view on it..

A basic feature of a human being is that he is capable of multiple personalities at any given point in time..

I consider that every personality is a different face and is capable of different abilities in different forms..

What and how you express yourself in every single face is unique, even though, ultimately, everything put together is you..

How you react to your parents is not the same reaction with your friends..


A person in it’s general plays these many roles:
Child to parents
Nephew / Niece
Uncle / Aunt
Under worker
Long distant friend
Viewer / Audience
And to most a stranger..

The list may be easily extended to multiple more roles..

So one who says, he is wearing a mask, is he really wearing it?
A person saying he has stripped off all the layers, has he really done so?

Still there are multiple roles and multiple faces..

So to me, when a person says, he is wearing a mask, he wears a consistent face to every person he is looked by..

There is nothing to belittle a mask wearer in comparison with a naked multi-shaded person..

Every soul is unique and so is every relationship..
I do care whether you are honest to me in what you reveal to me and am not bothered about anything you don’t reveal to me..

As long as the heart doesn’t wear a mask, you are a really good person..
Hence, why not wear a mask with a dashing smile and spread the cheer around the world?

– ஆதிரை

25 thoughts on “All the world’s a stage

    1. That’s perfectly true!! 🙂

      The beauty of a butterfly is experienced more by a viewer than the butterfly itself.. Same goes for the adverse too..

      Also, once I decide to wear the mask, it becomes one of the major factor defining me and to some extent I become slave of the mask I wear..

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    1. As long as the one wearing is happy, nothing else matters…

      Coz they start wearing for a certain reason and it’s indeed a success…

      Also there are loopholes in mask, which could be penetrated by those who dare and care.. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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