Dare to become!

We don’t get to decide,
What we are born as!
What we are born as
Doesn’t restrict
What we become..
Keep following your dreams,
Even if it’s against the tides!

13 thoughts on “Dare to become!

  1. Hi Aadhira – As often seems to be the case, you have taken a complex perspective and reduced it to a few effective and simple lines… but you are missing out on so many potential Posts! Have you considered that you could develop a wealth of potential writings if you explored your own lines in detail? Perhaps you have and choose not to? Just thinking! 🙂

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    1. Hi Sobia – Will be Following your Blog as it does look interesting but a couple of immediate thoughts. I could not find an About Me page, although you do have a Welcome Post…. but that is at the bottom of your Posts so not exactly visible! You may wish to consider either somehow keeping the “Welcome” at the top so always visible to new visitors, or create the typical About Me page. You also “put down” your ability as a writer. Modesty has its place, but by virtue of your Blogging, you are already a writer so celebrate it! Whether you are a good writer is totally subjective so just use your Blog traffic to provide that answer. All the best.

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    2. Thank you Colinandray, I appreciate the feedback, I’m touched by pure kind gesture and appreciate the feedback, I’ll work on that right away and amend what you have suggested. Thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    3. Email me if you have any other issues (rather than divert Aadhira’s Post) and I’ll go into my config and see if I can help.
      Sorry Aadhira for taking this long to realize that I was not on mhb4u’s Blog! Short term memory issue and all that! 🙂

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