What did you sow?

I was wondering how to console myself for not being able to post everyday in the past two months. And was feeling not so high and a memory of a past post flashed inspiring me with this idea.

When the hope is in the verge of demise, my posts come to my aid to cheer me up and help me cheer up and move ahead with a renewed vigour. So I do reap the benefits of some scattered seeds of the past. It feels good to know that what I sow was a good seed and the benefits are indeed heartening..

So what are you sowing today?
A happy thought?
A piece of your mind?
Or are you dumping the waste into every corner of life and letting the look back become a peep into litter box?

Beware of what you sow, for that’s what you’re going to reap!

P.S. This is the post I was looking at and feeling better. Feel free to dish out your ideas on both posts.

2 thoughts on “What did you sow?

  1. I don’t understand why you feel it necessary to console yourself for not Posting daily! You no doubt have a life with many aspects to it and perhaps daily posts are simply not practical when balanced against other interests/obligations? Perhaps, instead of consoling yourself, you should revisit why you Blog and set different goals… Post twice a week (e.g.).
    Conversely, if you have lots of available time but lack motivation and/or creativity, you can (again) reset your Posting goals, and then use your free time to be more observant of your world; your life; your interpersonal interactions; your thoughts; your dilemmas etc. etc. Just thinking! 🙂


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