Time to boast!!!!!


What a tremendous year it had been!

And once again another challenge is completed and it is not another mere challenge!

A post a day for every single day for the past year!!!

My Stats.png

And yes I have completed it and its time for me to boast now..

For I am going to take that much needed break from the next year and who knows.. The next year’s resolution might be to not even post for any day.. 😛 😛 😛
Ah.. You are not getting off my ramblings that easily.. But you all are definitely getting a breather more than you desire.. 😉 (See I am not spammer for all years 😛 )

Now I am going to disclose a secret! Strictly for your eyes only!! 😛 😛 😛

I promised to post everyday and I did make it till Oct 15 without much of an issue. And the posts started to gradually decline to almost only one post per week. But here I am catching up on so much of the old stuff all the old stuff and posting some back dated posts! The link for those posts are available at the end of this post! (Feel free to skip reading through the big list)

Now it’s time to draw the curtain to 2016 as well as all the negativity that has creeped into the lives. As the day dawns tomorrow, let there be light, humor, laughter, happiness and every beautiful thing along with an unending supply of smile for you to cherish and to spread for the world to become a better place.

Keep smiling and spread the cheer forever!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂



My Stats.png

Update: I realised that I achieved a short-time target and missed out on my basic objective of blogging, which is, writing from the heart and writing for writing. Hence removing few of the translation posts, which are also available on my other site – http://www.lyricaldelights.com

So, few of the links to the following will be missing.

Here’s a list of the entries that were added recently:

20/10 – What remains

21/10 – Favourite Lines #1

25/10 – What did change?!

28/10 – Favourite Lines #2

30/10 – What shall I ask for?

01/11 – Love is God

02/11 – Immortality with you..

03/11 – The force to act!

04/11 – Favourite Lines #3

06/11 – To me.. To you..

08/11 – Searching, a pleasure indeed

10/11 – Humility

11/11 – Favourite Lines #4

15/11 – Will you too admire like me?

17/11 – Power of Wealth

18/11 – Favourite Lines #5

20/11 – Could you stop for an instance?!

22/11 – When God was in agony..

24/11 – Timing of deed

25/11 – Favourite Lines #6

27/11 – Wondering what’s wonder!

28/11 – This is enough!

29/11 – Stand United..

5/12 – Shattered with love!

06/12 – The beauty beyond the shell..

9/12 – Favourite Lines #7

11/12 – Nobler than the Noblest!

12/12 – Dreams would come true!

13/12 – The colour of love!

16/12 – Favourite Lines #8

17/12 – The ultimate love verse!

18/12 – The betraying heart!

19/12 – My Love – Time!

20/12 – Let us make a new fate!

22/12 – My love’s grace

23/12 – Love that withstands time!

25/12 – You and Me!

26/12 – A Musical Convo!

27/12 – What’s in your hands?

30/12 – I surrender unto you!

6 thoughts on “Time to boast!!!!!

    1. I should have appointed you as my personal PR.. 😉

      Thanks for remembering me guys.. 🙂

      Addiction of appreciation never wanes and thanks for keeping it fueled.. 😉

      Am great and am on complete break from blogging.. 😛 (Of course I deserve the break.. 😉 )

      So what’s up with you and what happened to 200 posts in previous year? Got anywhere near it?


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