Oops.. The stolen mango!

Over the terrace, I mentioned in my last post, was a large mango tree. During summer, the mangoes were hanging low enough, from the part of tree spilling into the terrace.

They are low enough for kids to pluck them without much struggle. Yet, we kids were always reminded to stay away from the tree, for there might be tiny insects and I was so allergic to them.

Yet, the allure of those tasty raw mango are far more inviting than the constant reminders. So we decided to pluck it. And we did it.

No, there wasn’t any insect bite or any allergic reactions or no cause to question our safety.

But we, me and my cousin, didn’t dare to go into the house shouting our victory. Though we were safe, we were not sure that about the scolding we might receive. It was a small mango and we thought of finishing it in the terrace itself and throw away the seed.

When we were almost half through, grandpa came onto terrace in search of us. We were caught green-handed, I mean with mango in our hands and I sort of panicked for a moment.

As he was about to question about it, I volunteered that the mango fell by itself, as some squirrel or parrot might have nibbled and dropped them.

Though we were spared from any scolding, we were to give away that mango! For it might not be properly cleaned. Sigh! Our heart was already content from half of it and we parted with it. But soon afterwards, it was nicely cleaned up and cut into small bite sized pieces and given back to us!

5 thoughts on “Oops.. The stolen mango!

  1. As a young boy, I used to go (with a friend) “scrumping”! Scrumping was the act of sneaking into a local orchard and helping ourselves to the fruit (apples in our case). We were almost caught once by the owner, and that deterred us from future “scrumping”! 🙂

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    1. Once and deterred?! Good to know the fun times.. 🙂

      Even if we tried to pluck another, there was nothing in our reach, so we couldn’t have another.. Maybe since it was home, we tried again.. And we too might have deterred if we were caught in a similar situation.. 😉


    2. We had just climbed down from an apple tree, with pockets bulging, when we heard “Oy …. you! What do yer think yer doin’?” We looked around and saw a little man waving a very large gun. He would never have used it … but it scared us enough to quit! Anyway, we ran off at high speed to where we had hidden our bikes and then pedaled like mad down the road to safety!

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    3. Oh dear! With a gun.. That would have scared us enough to ever eat an apple again.. 😀

      To be honest, it is really good to read that and I hope you smile back now remembering that.. 😀

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  2. I have lots of wonderful, and interesting, memories of my childhood. Some just plain amusing, and others prove to me just how lucky I was on many occasions! Great Post topic …. thank you. 🙂

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