Play – Do you play now?

While I was a kid there were many friends to play with and a huge open area to play as we wish.

We used to play many games. The evenings started with games involving lots of running and moving around. With that we would be drenched in sweat and while we are near exhaustion, we will shift to games played by sitting around.

So whatever our energy level, we played and played, till we were dragged to our homes by our parents.

And the level of animosity between neighbours was far less. We could knock any door of the neighborhood for a glass of water and they would also care for all of us.

There were few houses who let us play full time in their home. There was an aunty, who always has some craft or something to keep us engaged during the sunny hours. She also lovingly made popcorn and sometimes noodles for all of us.

There was an uncle who was living in a sparsely furnished portion. And he had set no limits for playing anywhere in the house and he would also join us playing hide and seek. He always entertained with some interesting conversation where he taught us something new in a playful way.

Life is beautiful when people interact with people, face to face, rather than when everyone finds their temporary deluded moment of happiness, within a small pixelated window!

8 thoughts on “Play – Do you play now?

  1. Such are memories of childhood and, if you changed the country to the England that I knew as a child, everything you say would be just as true. I guess increased populations; denser living; the drive for more money/higher living standards etc… and of course the technological innovations, have changed all that. Thanks for the memories. 🙂

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    1. Doesn’t every grown up feel that their childhood days are better than the present… So are we not creating a better environment for the next generation?!

      I had been thinking about that ever since I wrote that post and here you are confirming the transitions happening all around..

      We have bettered our lives in many ways and is this the cost we are paying for that?!

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  2. It makes for some interesting perspectives doesn’t it.

    Based on my life experiences, it would appear that we have made huge improvements in our standard of living, but it has come with a high price. This should not be a surprise really because we are constantly being exposed to the world of commerce, which uses professionals to determine how best to sell us on a commodity. It is understandable that many people actually believe that their lives are incomplete without a (whatever), and it follows that two incomes will allow those “whatevers” to be acquired quicker. Two incomes often dictates childcare services are raising the children, and playtime with parents rarely happens (too tired after a day’s work)!

    We also have an education system which teaches us everything we need to know to get a career, and little (if anything) that we need to know for a truly satisfying life. Stereotypical professional skills are encouraged, but the arts (in its broadest sense) are in general overlooked.

    In my childhood, my grandmother came to live with us when she could not cope on her own. So often today, the grandparent is put in a care facility.

    We do seem to be, in general, a very self-serving society at the moment.

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    1. Indeed the standard of ‘living’ has improved to ‘self’-serving society.. But what happened to the betterment of living as well as the self? Are we really getting better on the personal front?

      As for grandparents, my grandma lived with us ever since I was born to her last breath and I was actually shocked when I read the meaning of joint family to include grandparents! For me, joint family meant living with uncles and aunts and cousins and grandparents are part of basic family.. And times do change..

      History would return, Humans gathered together in an era and this is the era of moving apart.. Wish it would change back to coming together sooner than growing apart.. 😊

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    1. Happy to bring out a happy memory for you too.. 😊

      Those simple joys are long cherished and that’s what makes them even more special than the happening that caused it.. 😊 Thank you for your lovely words.. 😊


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