The writing.

The writer
Read all owned books,
Researched in the library,
Surfed the internet,
Listened to scholars,
Discussed with friends,
Observed the world around,
Travelled far and wide,
Learnt people’s customs,
And almost everything
That crossed his path..

While he wrote,
His pen would glide on paper,
Pausing only between words
For the requirement of space
Rather than for the thought,
And to refill the ink
But not to replenish the idea..
There was no draft,
What was written is final,
For there were no changes to be made..
There were no crossings,
No strike outs,
No rephrasing,
No corrections..
The text written was
Properly aligned
And filled just that page..
No more, No less..

The writing style
Is called impromptu,
By most people..
But is it really so?

Isn’t the thoughts
Bettered, cultured and educated
All through the past living?

So is there anything
Which is what it really is?!

And now you, the reader,
Have added a tiny note to your thought,
Consciously or unconsciously..
Which would reflect
Maybe in the very next thing you write,
Or just lay hidden as the seed,
To grow into a nourished thought,
And spread it’s essence
In a far future writing..
Which might even be titled
Impromptu! 😉

[Thanks to Mr.Hari for an awesome prompt for this post. Now I would like to extend the challenge of finding the given prompt for this post.. 😉 And the winner gets to provide the next prompt.. 😀]

21 thoughts on “The writing.

    1. I might say that women never do anything impromptu.. But being in that gender, I couldn’t say such a blatant lie.. 😛

      And my wicked mind consoled by saying, let the males take the praise and pain of this post.. 😉

      Or I could confess, I tried to write it gender neutral.. But wasn’t fluent enough while writing it.. And ended up this way.. 😉 No other specific reason..

      Liked by 1 person

    2. All good answers. Perhaps also, because of past male dominance in this area, the intuitive sex was male? I would suggest that because of our male vs female history, that perhaps more emphasis should be put on female in these kinds of writings? Perhaps then our intuitive response to past male dominance will be tempered with a stronger perception of equality. (I actually re-wrote one of my poems with just that goal in mind!)

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    3. Am neither a feminist nor otherwise.. And my personal opinion on equality is….

      Females are downgrading themselves when they claim for equality.. As I feel any guy worships / smitten by at least one female in his life.. It might be either his mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend, lover or that special someone without the confines of a relationship.. And that female rules the world of him..

      The person might change, the degree might change.. But when they get the chance to rule the world, why bother being equal to them.. 😉

      (Of course this doesn’t relate in any way to societal rights or any such basic rights and I’m not at all talking about them)


    1. I don’t think the readers track back my comments (except for dear few, who would be glad to throw me a challenge without waiting for a push from me).. 😉

      But wait is ‘leaked’ the prompt?! 😉


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