Books and me!

A dear friend asked me to make a video about books. When I asked that the topic was too vague, I was given the liberty to take it up as I wish..

And here’s that video for you all to view and comment upon it and upon anything else you would like to say to me..

So what’s your relationship with books and what’s your current favorite read?

4 thoughts on “Books and me!

  1. Nice post Adhira. Books have certainly made you a kind human being. A person who can spread happiness and joy in others even from a distance. That is a power enjoyed by special people. God bless.

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    1. Thank you so much for such a kind comment.. This is making my day much better!

      Looking forward to see your comments on my future (and if not over ambitious, past) posts.. I would like to know whether my other posts too uphold your view on me.. 😉 Even if not, I would like to hear more from you.. 😊 There’s such warmth in your kind words.. Thanks once again! 😃


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