Right now!

I’ve been pondering what to write for the first post of #MyFriendAlexa In other words, picking the right bait to keep my new visitors hooked up with my words and/or posts.

Just when a beautiful idea started forming in the back of my mind… (Translation – Am staring out the window and postponing every other task I’ve to complete and call it thinking for my next awesome post) the climate itself took pity on me, or rather protected you all from another post of my ramblings…

The melancholic climate turned into a feisty downpour! I’ve heard from many sources that rain is sort of a gloomy mood. But when I’m traveling in National Highway, with my dear one(s), listening to my favorite tunes, a downpour is more uplifting than anything for me!

The road looks blacker, the greens around are greener, the surrounding looks fresh and free of dirt.. The dirt is sort of permanent fixture on these roads, so even the familiar road looks fresh. And the look is enhanced by the filter created by the tiny droplets on the window pane…

Nature’s filter!

As I was thus enjoying the travel, with a big smile on my face, I saw few kids going back from school, with a heavy backpack and drenched completely.

I felt sorry for them, till I crossed them and saw the bright glee on their face. There was not even a tiny bit of worry nor any other thoughts troubling their happy minds. I felt like the girl looking at the sparrow and wishing warmth with clothes, when it was already warm with its own wings!

In those happy smiles, I realised that happiness is not a by product or result of something else. It is being happy for the mere sake of being happy!

The lingering clouds!

The rain has stopped now, the climate has changed, the tunes changed, but not my happiness… Like the leaves drizzling long after the rain stopped, my smile still lingers on, without any cause, yet spreading cheer!

Hmmm.. So what makes you smilewithout a care in the world?

23 thoughts on “Right now!

  1. Your post sure made me smile. I love driving in the rain (and by that I mean, somebody else should drive the car while I stare out the window!) 😂 This is a great start to the #MyFriendAlexa campaign. Wishing you all the luck. 😄

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  2. Reading this post, takes me to Na.Muthukumar’s most used lines… “Mazhai Nindra piragum thooral pola” 🙂 . Probably thats what the post is all about 🙂 . A kid’s smile or play always transcends me to a different place ❤

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    1. This post was a live relay of my thoughts at that moment.. And that might be where I got the idea.. But another song line too had the same idea, which I couldn’t place yet.. Even after all this hours..

      Kids definitely know to open up heaven on earth! 😀

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts!
      If you could live in the moment and feel everything, there’s no one else more blessed and alive than you! Please do enjoy every single moment of life as such without being burdened by the past or present!

      Happy living! 😊


  3. What a beautiful thought – to be happy for being happy. And looking at the world after the first downpour is my favourite thing as well. Everything looks so crisp, clean and fresh – like nature is doing laundry!

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  4. It is a nice post. I think happiness is a state of mind. A happy mind is an outcome of chemical interplay. By routine practice one can learn to remain in a state of prolonged happiness. Even drugs can induce happiness. The fact that two different sets of people, you and the kids walking in rain, were happy may suggest that different experiences can bring about similar changes and result in similar outcome.


  5. Your words reminded me of the fun of walking in the rainy season! We all can get happiness from small things and from things within us, but sadly we have started finding it in the material pleasures of life


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