Bridging the gap!

Fortunate are those who know to read, and even more are those who can, in more than one language.

My mother tongue is Tamil, but my mother’s language is English, even though she loves Tamil. So, I’m introduced to literature of English and Tamil at a very early stage.

As much as I love reading in both languages,I love to write in both as well. Since, most of my communication is required to be in English, writing in English has become more common than my mother tongue.

My blog wasn’t started on an impulse. I first decided on the tag line, “aZhagiya salanangal“, then on the name “Ripples”. Also the very first post I conceived for my blog was in Tamil, which can be read here and I eventually translated it into English, here.

The reason I shifted to English is for two reasons. First, my Tamil audience is so limited, that there is no point writing solely in English is understandable to them. Secondly, my respect for the language is the highest and I don’t use it in vain. So I started writing in Tamil, only after a long thought process and for the content very close to my heart.

I mean no disrespect for English, as that’s the first language I prefer to communicate with a stranger and that’s the language that has given my words a global audience!

To find a balance between my passion for writing in my mother tongue and for reaching global audience, I stepped into translation. And that opened a whole new horizon for me.

I started translating only on my blog and for my own work, but later extended it to translate movie lyrics, just so, those who weren’t able to understand Tamil could understand the beauty of the works in Tamil. That led me to working and becoming co owner of the site,

This venture has led me to take my passion to next level, when I started translating the works is my favorite poet in Tamil, Bharathiyaar. The project is still a work in progress, but what’s done so far can be found here.

I’m not sure whether I would be this content if I was able to write in just one language. But being the bridge between the two has made me even more purposeful and content.

Today is World Literacy Day! And I dedicate this post to everyone who’s taking a step forward to make the world a little more wider with knowledge!

I’m taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa

56 thoughts on “Bridging the gap!

  1. Nice reading this post. No matter which language you write, first priority is expression of thoughts and freedom that comes with it. Yes English language has a lot of readers. But a well written Tamil blog will also have readership it people can relate to it. Most of the time, people do not read because they don’t find it interesting of any use. Write something in Tamil about how to get an Aadhaar card or get admission in junior school etc you shall your readership jumping in leaps and bound.

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    1. Thank you for the thoughtful suggestion.. Yes I write to express and love the freedom it brings upon..

      To be honest, my most visited posts of new visitors are for Tamil posts. But a large pool of my regular followers are not well versed or even aware of Tamil. That’s why the translations.

      And I prefer to have a readership for my creativity rather than just to boost my stats.. So I’ve not bothered so far to write how to posts.. Also, once I tried and found it too tedious and not worth the value addition for me.

      Also, I love writing in English as well. So no regrets for fewer Tamil or for the reader base.

      I really do appreciate your thoughtful comment. Hearty thanks! Looking forward to your comments on my future and other posts.. 🙂


  2. #journeysays So beautifully you have penned down your thoughts !! I felt as if I am talking to you . No matter in which language you write , if you write from your heart , it can be well understood.

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    1. Thank God I know at least English on that list.. Otherwise couldn’t have met you..

      And you’re the first person I know who knew Assamese! Someday I like to know how you got acquainted with that language.. 🙂


  3. Hi-five from a stranger for writing in two languages! My mother language is Bangla and I write in both languages. I have a separate Bangla blog for the limited audience too. Please keep writing and it’s great that you’re translating the works of Bharathiyar so people like me can finally read them.

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    1. Hi five!

      A separate blog?! That’s a nice idea too.. And today is his death anniversary! And he would definitely love that people from other languages are also talking about him! 😀


    2. I heard of Bharathiyar back in 1992 when I visited Chennai with my parents. Wanted to read his works but I haven’t attempted any translations yet. Would love to read yours though 🙂

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    3. I think you would love his work! A link to his works translated are available on my menu.. Do let me know about your thoughts when you read them.. Eager to know about it! 😊

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  4. Great to know someone is more passionate about her native language Tamil and prefers it above english for this applauds for you👏!!! Thiugh I completely agree with you that native language limits the readers.

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  5. Loved reading your thoughts and kudos for writing these languages. I would love to learn a few other languages other than English and Hindi especially when it comes to writing.

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  6. Yes expressing thoughts in more than one language is a great feeling. Right now I am learning French along with my daughter’s as she opted for French as third language. Hope I could write in it one day too.


  7. You are so fortunate to be fluent both in your mother tongue and in English. What’s remarkable is that you have taken your love for these languages by reading and writing in them.
    Your translation is the reason I have been introduced to Bharathi’s works. Thank you very much.


  8. you are doing a very noble job as you translate work of different languages in the one which can be understood by many. There is so much good work all around which is not reachable to the ones who are seeking it.
    A reader who is seeking a book which will influence his life, a misguided person whose path will be enlightened with few lines of that one book which he couldn’t read. A person in pain who could find solace in that book which is now in the language which he/she understands.
    These are few of the many scenarios which are possible when there will be no language barrier in creativity. And you are rightfully helping in bridging that gap. Kudos to you


  9. I have Kannada & English blogs. When it comes favorite Kannada is the one! It is always good when language helps us to achieve more in life. Don’t worry! Just keep writing in whichever language you are comfortable.


  10. Good luck to you for your new venture. It feels good to know you are so passionate about languages. I am Gujarati myself but the saddest part is I can read and speak but can’t write cos never had that language in school and never bothered to learn. I am making 1 promise to myself after this post that I am surely learning to write my mother language. I am really happy to have come across your post.


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