What next…

“I’m taking my blog to the next level with #MyFriendAlexa campaign by the team BlogChatter.”

Phew.. This is the last post for that campaign!

Despite being enormously happy about my Alexa ranking and the entire campaign, I’ll not be signing up for any more campaigns. It’s not just my cup of tea!

The campaign has made me realize the following:

  1. I am terrible at taking up orders.
  2. Writing for any defined reason, doesn’t bring out the best in me.
  3. I couldn’t find joy in writing, when I write for any such reasons.
  4. The joy of drop in rank is not greater than the joy of writing for writing my thoughts.

Also, I am sorry to be part of campaign and not able to follow the rules.

Sum of these had made me feel guilty overall and has much more adverse effect.

I started this blog to express myself. And the pride I had in my blog, till I started with such rigorous campaigns, has started declining.

I’m content with quality than quantity.

So, I’m going back to my hibernation and enjoy life in the present, as it is.

I won’t abandon my blog at any time, but also wouldn’t let me be constrained even by my very life.

I might throw in a pebble, when it so happens, but not otherwise.

And despite everything I said above, I liked to have found so many blogs through the campaign and am grateful for the likes and comments and shares.

And above all, there’s something coming up on October 5th.

4 thoughts on “What next…

  1. Will watch out for 5 October. I took an opportunity to complete a project of mine through the campaign, and it was well worth every second of my time. Good luck with blogging. Am following your blog now.


  2. Hahaha that was such an honest confession. I too had participated in this campaign although I found it interesting as I got to connect with so many other bloggers, yes even I won’t be participating any more campaigns.


    1. That’s something I would accept without hesitation, but there is that sense of completion and that’s the only thing that made me finish it.. And I did like reading, but at my own pace rather than with a deadline.. So it’s not something I hated.. Just not enjoy it much either..

      Anyway, I loved your blog and I’ll also be checking your posts even when no one was me pushing me to do so.. 🙂


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