Seven years!

Sometime before seven years, I had a thought to create a blog space. When I don’t even know whether I could write creative content on a regular basis or anything much about writing at all.

The tiny thought was put to back shelf consciously so many times. Yet it floated up top and grew a tiny bit every single time. And at some point it became the constant humming in my mind, when it had nothing immediate to work out.

I would like to say that the name was just random. But it would not justify the number of hours I spent searching and analysing my thoughts and random browsing for the name to pop up from something or somewhere.

It did pop up when I came across chaos theory and I preferred the term butterfly effect to chaos theory. Then it made me realize that whatever I might write, I would like to leave behind a happy feel to the reader and if possible, spread it beyond. And thus the term RIPPLES came to be the name of my blog.

Around the same time, I came across the story of Aadhirai and one glimpse made me realize that’s who I’m going to be.

I started the new journey into blogosphere on a New Year, seven years ago. This seven years I’ve grown from a newbie into much more and I’ve a very long road ahead of me.

I once read that, if you’re friends for seven years of life, you will most probably be friends forever ahead. And people around has proved that it doesn’t take years to become great friends. Just the same wave of thoughts on some level is more than enough rather than years and years of togetherness.

I wanted to create a ripple which would spread beyond my reach to spread positivity and when I look back, I do know that I’ve created few ripples which I’m happy to be part of.

The things for which I was confident led me into translation and editing. But once I started looking, I realised how unqualified I’m on both fronts. And same goes for writing. And thus the non-stop writing of a post a day stopped eventually.

Also, I realised that my content is better when I write just for the sake of writing rather than for any other reason. And when I heard the following story, I stopped bothering about writing at all.

Once, there was a poet and a girl fell in love with him for his thoughts and writings. Eventually they married and were living happily. But his writings ceased and she was constantly asking him to write about/for her. He could not bring himself to write anything worthy at all. Years went by and she was forever disappointed in his lack of poetry, though they were immensely happy in life together. One day she died and it felt his happiness had been taken away from him forever. And that’s when he started writing again.

The lack of absolute happiness paved way for creativity and when living is really that happy, it is true that the need to preserve thoughts vanishes. I can vouch that as I’m that happy now and I couldn’t bother myself to write about it.

I want to share my happiness and spread cheer all around and hence I might come back and visit you all at times and at the same time, never bother to force myself to write.

Hence, this blog is going into conscious hiatus rather than my often repeated, “I’ll try to be more active and write more.”

If you’re here, believe me, you’re one of the reasons I’m really happy today. For those amazing friends, I got around here and for those silent readers… Please do take up a smile and do spread it around…

Keep smiling…

For that’s the curve that can straighten up this universe into happiness! 😊😊😊

6 thoughts on “Seven years!

  1. Well, as you know, your “Ripples” association inspired me to write a poem based on that concept. That, together with life in general resulted in my “Just Thinking” book of poetry. So your Blog has already had an impact on me and, I could well imagine, on many others … but isn’t that what life is all about? To share our thoughts, dreams, challenges, successes and failures? Discrimination of any sort can only disappear when everybody realizes that we are all facing similar life experiences and, regardless of our colour or culture, we all need a helping hand occasionally. We really are all the same!

    Life is taking you in a certain direction, but I sincerely hope that your Blog will only be dormant, as distinct from being closed. I shall therefore look forward to getting an email from WP sometime in the future, telling me that you have a new Post on your Blog. In the meantime, and given our current COVID challenges, please take care; stay safe and, most importantly, keep smiling. Not only will it confuse the hell out of your friends and family (Why is she always smiling?), but it will also raise the spirits of those who have a problem dealing with their life at that time.

    It’s been a pleasure Following your Blog and, whenever you feel ready to start writing again … your Followers await!. Colin.

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    1. Thank you for the understanding and the unwavering support! My gratitude to this support is beyond words…
      Yes. My site is going into official dormant state and not closed. As long as I could, I wouldn’t let it close. Since this is my restoration point. Somehow, despite the different directions life takes me to, this blog has been my anchor as well as guiding star. The posts as well as its response gives me a self validation, boosts my confidence and brings me back to reality.

      Despite the downhill the world around seems to be going, the pandemic sure did bring new perspective into life and with that look, I’m forever grateful and content with my life with a smile.

      I wish I wouldn’t let you wait so long for my next post.. Thanks for waiting till then..

      Stay safe and keep spreading the love and warmth as ever..


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  2. Hmm … if you are getting ‘notifications on comments even tho ‘dormant’ a few comments from me💖

    I’m back after a long absence – with maybe just an odd intermittent post – visiting old friends with whom I connected when I was way more active.

    I could say I am sad that you won’t be posting but that would not be entirely true cause I have not been around to miss posts and .. like you am not even sure what I want to do with my blog.

    You made many valid points … I too feel that I am at my best when writing for the sake of writing and for myself when something moves me. That is when I am at my best. Having others and challenges in the forefront of my writing does not quite work for me.

    I did enjoy Jithin’s Mundane Monday challenges which if I recollect brought us together.- it changed the lenses through which I looked at things around me …but I later felt that I was proceeding to try to make mundane beautiful … and even cringe at some of the posts I made 😬🙄

    Then WP did a couple of tweaks which I could not quite master and sort of gave up. Back now trying to clean up my thinking too, What I want to do. I also felt it was not fair t to congest the blogosphere with nonsense and feel I won’t write for the sake of writing. It’s 8 years since I first wrote .. and many of the feelings you expressed re ‘your blog and yo’u echo with me.

    So let’s see where the roads take us. Our paths may cross .. or may not. But just wanted to say that it was really great journeying alongside you and many other bloggers. Take care my friend. Stay safe Stay happy and God’s blessings.


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