A Happy Wish!

Life is a long journey,
It has multiple roads,
Few of them intersect,
Few of them cut off the path.

There are few roads
Which add beauty to a track
But, beauty doesn’t last forever,
So are the roads.

The roads still have
Their uniqueness
For the real beauty is
Within and indestructible

Though the roads diverge
They still do travel parallel
But at some point
Even that distance grows.

There comes a point
Where the road slips
From the view totally
And go beyond reach.

Yet it doesn’t mean
The roads wouldn’t
Cross again..
It may or may not!

But here is the point
Where the roads are
Bending into opposite sides
And going far from each other.

The new bend comes with
New roads to intersect
New bridges to cross and
New rivers to swim through

As the roads travel further
The New roads would bring
More beauty to the view
Along with more bends!

For the beauty is always
A relative term, which
Changes with time
And from the view point.

Just move ahead,
Taking one step at a time,
And keep moving and moving
As the journey is beautiful

No matter what the view is
No matter what the cross is
No matter what the bump is
No matter what the dump is

Just one more step
Another step
And another little one
Keep going forever

Till the road meets up
With the distant horizon
Along with hope
That the view is better

For every step moved forward
Adds one more perspective
And the view at the end
Is the only one that matters

Not the view at the start
Not the view at the cross
Not the view at the parts
But the view at the end

Till you reach that end,
Leave more smiles
On the way and
Keep smiling..

Coz, it is in the nature that,
The sun that falls in the west,
Will rise back tomorrow in the east,
The tides that goes up now,
Will drop back into ocean too.

For the nights don’t depend
Only on the moon
To move ahead,
Even the lights pave way

When a door closes,
Another door opens.
And all through the path,
Let my well wishes stay with you

My words bid adieu
Along with wishes
For the breeze to flow through and
For the glory to adorn you!

Adieu, friend, adieu!
With smiles and wishes!

Time’s flowing!!

The time was flowing
Smooth and unrestrained,
Nothing could hitch the clock!
Yet it is now almost empty,
For it is being filled into the next!!

Time to turn upside down
Or to turn a new leaf
Or whatever suits you!

Yet it’s time to reset
Either for just a new day,
Or for a new month,
Or for a whole new year!!

Sand lock

The Clock is flowing!!

Let us bid adieu to 2015
Along with hatred and evil..
Let the bygones be bygones!
Let the lessons alone shall prevail!!
Let the future bring in cheer and
Let the hearts be filled with content!!