Capturing the light in Liquid!

This time, I was lucky to find a picture from my archives, that has Coke reflecting the flashlight. Though not as exquisite as Jithin’s, this is the one that struck my mind on seeing his entry.

Catching the Light in Liquid!

Catching the Light in Liquid!


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Threads and Knots

Threads and Knots

Threads and Knots

The criss cross
Is enjoyed
Every single time,
When they are
Threads on fabric..
And add beauty
To the Mundane!!

Spin the wheel


Spin the wheel for a fun ride..

The axle to fun

You could go round and round
Endlessly, spinning the wheel,
For the axle does hold on the ground,
And doesn’t let you topple and squeal!!

PS: Click on the image for a fun ride.. 😉

Windows Imprisoned!

Here’s another week with a Monday and one little post to make it less mundane by giving new angle to routine things..


We look for Windows,
To look beyond
The temporary prison
Of four walls
Within the concrete jungle
Or the prison
Of Bits and bytes
Within few inches..

Here’s a look,
At the Windows
From the freedom
Of open space and
With no boundaries,
Captured and hanged
Within the prison
Of a Photograph!