Cloudy thoughts!

A cloud
The image that flashes your mind might range from fluffy white to charcoal black and shades of Orange, red, pink and much more combinations..

But what is a cloud? Just air!
While a cloud passes through you, just a chill you feel..

Yet, the colors, the shapes, the uses… Phew.. a very long list indeed.. Not to include the number of instances it goes through dissection from poets, writers, lovers, best of them all kids..

If nothing tangible as the air could take so many forms and wear that many shades, why don’t we try ourselves, just a little bit to lose ourselves and trust that we could reflect the beauty of nature with its vivid colors?!

The door


Does this signify an entrance?
Or is this the barring gate?
Will it open to new ventures?
Will it withheld the dreams?

Could I push it open?
Will it pull me back?
Is it colorful from the other side too?
Does this contain rainbows?

Or is it just the leftover unfulfilled dreams?
Or is it the color palette to paint new dreams?
Or is it a mere part of the door?
And am I thinking too much again? 😛




“Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.

Foamy Flakes,

Frost over Blue lakes.

Mittens and Flannels,

Icicles on window panels.

Thermos teemed with hot chocolate,

As winter glossed the nature’s slate.


Blush Blooms,

Dew over grass looms.

Kites and merry lights,

Bright moon nights.

Jars jammed with cherry marmalade,

As spring glossed the nature’s slate.


Scorching Sun,

Dandelions over green lawn.

Glow worms and fire flies,

Sun- kissed skies.

Bottles of sweet lemonades,

As summer glossed the nature’s slate.


Tanned Turf,

Leaf-strewn over soil base.

Red landscapes and cobwebs,

Gloom going with the ebbs.

Fluffs of cotton candy mates,

As autumn glossed the nature’s slate.

The contrast of seasons stringed into harmony by a cute Glass-wearing-Cheshire-cat-grinning-little-nerdy doll named as Adhithya and called as Adhi with a ‘h’.. 😀

She writes so beautifully and she is indeed a very nice person to have a cool chit chat and would be a great friend.. Just make sure she reaches back earth after she reaches her cloud nine, so we all can have the warmth Adhithya’s (The name means Sun) sunshine..

Now go follow Adhi, drop few comments and enjoy this sunshine’s cute rays.. 🙂

Patterns called Kolam!


This week Jithin had posted a pattern with colours behind the pattern and this made me pull out a snap of mine of the pattern with colours in it.

For those who are not aware of kolam / Rangoli. The Kolam is a very common sighting in the South Indian streets. Every house entrance is decorated with the kolam every morning and evening (in most places). The kolam is made using rice flour, hence considered to be offering food for ants and tiny insects, as well as good exercise for women in the morning. But with time, this tradition too underwent changes. The changes include interchanging the rice flour to chalk powder and preparing the kolam on the night before. Though this is creeping into many places, it is still practiced in the traditional way at many places. Kolam is always an important part of our celebrations and they are more specially made and decorated on festive time.

This picture is from my home during this season of Pongal. Pongal is our Thanksgiving day to the Sun, nature and living creatures (bullocks, cows..) involved in the process of agriculture. That is too big story to fill in a post, so I suggest that you ask up Google Lord to quench your further curiosity.. 😉


Colourful Pattern aka Rangoli aka Kolam

Did you find this nice?
Then you would love the brimming beauty from mundane things listed over here!

Do you have a mundane beauty in your Gallery?
Now go upload the click and pingback Trablogger!
And let us all relish beauty from simple things!!

Links to wiki for Kolam and Pongal

Spin the wheel


Spin the wheel for a fun ride..

The axle to fun

You could go round and round
Endlessly, spinning the wheel,
For the axle does hold on the ground,
And doesn’t let you topple and squeal!!

PS: Click on the image for a fun ride.. 😉