To my dearest readers..

Time flies or crawls for the same period depending on what you are measuring it with.

Just awhile back, I was heaving a sigh, for a particular memory of few months back seemed to be very distant. But here I am writing my 300th post and have successfully kept up my new year resolution so far.

For the past few days I almost skip to post anything, I was not even inclined to throwback my old posts or polish those drafts and hit publish. It was so easy to take away the thought of posting anything on blog. And it is surely reflecting in my past few posts.

The one thing that had me and still pushing me to hit the publish everyday is the notification.

I have realised the easiest way to get followers and boost the stats is to devote time in exploring other blogs and the best advertisement for any blog is in the spontaneous comments that you leave across other blogs. It is indeed a very simple proportion. The more you give, the more you get.

But, I have been getting new followers almost everyday and most of them are not ‘follow-back’ followers. While few follow and disappear, few take the follow seriously and leave likes / comments.

Though I have been regular in posting, I have been a very poor follower myself and hardly interact with my fellow bloggers beyond my blog. This is one serious regret I have and I might even dedicate next year just for actually following other blogs.

While I would bother about them next year, let us come back to the present.

I have few wonderful posts to my credit and I will not shy from accepting the praise on those. As well I do acknowledge myself, I have been giving random senseless posts too. They are the forced / last-minute posts, posted just for keeping on blogging.

I do appreciate each and every blogger’s support and trusting me to get-over the crappy posts and publish few more nice posts. Ripples will continue to cause ripples, just for those few kind hearted ones. Thanks is an inadequate words to say to you people.

Do take a bow from me and kind smile for you and some more smiles for you to pass on.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Blogging!


I’ve been fretting in my mind for the past few days and for hours with a draft for this post!
I just scraped my incomplete draft of 1000+ words. I was trying to say that I’m losing the prominence of I, with so many ‘I’s.. It was such a paradox and hence the scrap.

But can’t resist spilling the cause of such a big post..

This is my 100th post!

Now, I’ll wrap this up real quick with a big heart full of thanks to everyone who visited me here. Your contribution has made me better myself in ways more than I could express.


PS. ‘Nandri’ means thank you in Tamil..

We are youngsters!

We are youngsters!
We never listen to the old generation..
We never bother about how the money we spent was earned..
We always talk-back and not take any advises..
We don’t take life seriously at all..
We do kill our time in Social Networks and every not-useful-for-a-penny tasks..
We do tune out from the troubles of our society..

But there’s more to us..
Hit us with a problem to us or our near and dear ones..
We would start reacting..
We will not listen to elder generation when we have to wait for initiating the required actions..
We never bother about the time and money spent for the cause we do believe in.. And not every time our causes are stupid..
We do talk back to whoever stands in our way to help those who are in real need of it..
We don’t take our lives seriously when it would mean we could save other lives..
We have been using the Social network to the maximum and we do know to use it effectively and efficiently..

There are leaders and there are followers..
And there’s the third kind of people..
We, who become our own leaders to lead the life out of disaster in the times of crisis..
We, the backbone of the volunteer groups helping out people in the fields..
We are the third kind of person..
We are youngsters!!

A tribute to every volunteer in every crisis!!

Learn or Whine?

The Chennai was known for its scorching sun. Yes, I meant it as ‘was’. It is right now not the land of Sun, but of the rain..

The starting drizzles cooled the land and everyone was welcoming with all the happiness of petrichor and fresh droplets in the window pane at the aftermath of the rains.

When the rain inserted itself into the agenda of the Day of Diwali, the festive mood went damp with the damp crackers but, survived with the crispy savouries and sweets of the festive.

When the rains had decided to overstay their visit of the occasion, it was like the unexpected extension of holidays for few days, and the kids were enjoying while the parents were worrying.

When the rains started pouring cats and dogs, the school holidays were extended beyond their Half-yearly holidays, even the kids watching Cartoons started tuning into News Channels.

That’s when the seriousness of the situation got the attention of people not affected by rains as well.

The crap really hit the roof when the second spell of rain started. The sewage systems of few places broke while, the rain waters kept stagnating and raising. The opening of the water reservoirs and dams were adding its share to the water levels.. Thus, the water levels were as high to immerse the ground floors in certain areas.

All the water has to drain eventually into the oceans. But the mismatch in the speed of outflow and the inflow resulted in the usage of boats as transportation for emergency rescues and distribution of necessities.

This water and flood will eventually drain. So will the talks of those helping hands which are extended only virtually. Which is/was of no practical use to anyone anywhere (yup, Just like this post), except either to vent out their frustration on not being able to do anything productive (as in my case and few others) or to show-off that they too are in the trend and socially responsible in the picture they depict of themselves. (as in most cases of social network users).

However, there is the third kind who are on the field helping people with rescue and providing of food and shelter. They are the real backbones of the society which is going to help restore life after all this chaos happening.

After all this is said and noted, there is the huge untold truth lingering in the deep folds of this multifold problem.

This is not the first time Chennai is being hit by floods. Yes, it is not massive at this level for decades and certainly not this much of rainfall in a century or so. But still Chennai is not a complete novice to floods.

There are people in the coastal areas who get affected by a normal rainfall of every year. Even the rains bit more than the drizzle affects the household of hundreds of families in certain areas.

I have witnessed almost hundreds of people staying under a not-so-thick tent in the sands of the beach during the summer. That is their home and all their belongings could be gathered up in one single pack, which might not be too big in most cases.

These people survived the earlier rainfalls and minor level floods of the yesteryears while, another set of people staying under an air-conditioned room, watching the latest chic flick in their big LED TV were busy updating “I love petrichor” and “The rain is awesome” on their iPhones.

How did they survive? On their own? Certainly not. There are organisations and Government mechanisms set in place decades before and updated often to the needs of the hour.

Yet, the hour requires more than that is humanly possible to help. So blaming it on the government schemes and the infrastructure at this minute is not going to get anyone anywhere.

If you are in the comfort of a safe dry home, with easy access to good food supply, and uninterrupted power supply, you are better not only than the people affected by floods but also, far better than a considerable number of people around the world struggling to get over everyday life.

I am not asking you to give up any of your comforts. I am not even asking you to extend a helping hand. All I am asking is to please stop passing your judgements criticising every other thing that has gone wrong since the laying of first brick for building this city.

This is not the time for What-should-have-been’s. This is the time to get out in the field and help people. I understand not everyone can do that actually. But all of us can hold our tongues in criticising what is being done and how it is being done.

What the world needs right now is lots of help and Tender Love and Care. There is not a single person on earth, who can’t extend compassion to a fellow earthling. If you can’t help with other means, help spread the love. If you are hurt yourself to love others, (which is not at all an excuse acceptable and agreeable for me) just stop spreading hatred, hurt and ill feelings.

Remember that, after all the chaos of the flood, the first set of people who are going to ease back into normalcy is not the peoples of sophistication. It is going to be people who had too few belongings and too little shelter for calling it a home.

Also, don’t be surprised if they create new jobs and employ themselves amidst the problems. These people are better in identifying an opportunity to monetise it. For their monetary targets are more of a necessity than that of comfort or luxury.

Whereas the people who were in the luxurious world are going to take a very very longer time to get back to a rhythm, even if it is not to the old one.

Because we have/are growing attached to the little comforts of our life and take the blessings of our life for granted. Sometimes it needs a whiplash of this extent to make people realise, that the way we live is, not the only way of life.

What we try to rescue in an emergency defines what we live for. Whether you were able to save many things or only few, the only important saving needed is, the life of you and your near and dear ones. So what all will you rescue and in what order?

Are we going to learn to be humble and thankful, while we stop whining and complaining? Or are we going to need harsher lessons to realise the basis of living?

Spread the smiles!! :)

Have you ever received a surprise gift, but failed to smile?
Can you even hide the joy of that receiving from your face in the first few seconds of receiving?

And can you explain that why?

If you could explain that, I might find the reasons why I blog in it.. 😉
For it’s the simple joy of surprise to me, when I could string together few words in a certain order..
And when I read back, I do enjoy the flow and there is some sense of accomplishment in it..

The wonderful drug of acceptance and appreciation, is not being wasted on me..
They nourish me, helps me grow and feel confident in myself..

I started blogging to express..
Now I’m blogging to experience..

I had no expectations or even today have no goals for my blog..
But the time here is wonderful and addictive..

Oh now my dear long time followers must be wondering why am I saying all this now, as in repeating what I’ve written in my about pages and few past posts..

Today something happened..

I have this habit of writing notes to my very close friends on every special occasion possible.. But only one of them returns the favour in writing notes to me, while others express in their own ways..

Today I got a hand written, heart felt, thank you note, from someone..

Is that all for a simple note? No.. It’s the gesture and reason for that note..

A very simple act of kindness, which costed me nothing, which I did, simply just because I could, and the help was sincerely accepted and appreciated to what it deserves and a little bit more..

When someone takes the time to put down pen to paper actually, it does mean a lot..

And there is another happiness in this event to the sender too.. It’s the happiness of making someone happy..

To see a bright smile lighten up in the face of receiver is multiplied when we are the one who planted that smile..

Not only mercy is twice blessed, even gifting and gratitude is twice blessed..

So what this has to do with my blogging?
Here is a thank you note from me, to you, the reader..
For just being there and showering me with happiness.. 🙂
Because, this ripples is just a set of reaction to the drops in this lake.. And hence I’m nothing without your visits and drops.. 😉

Let me plant a smile on your face to brighten your day, and let that ripple forward with ripples of laughter.. 🙂

Keep Smiling.. 🙂

Ripples of Ripples!

Tick tock..
Tick tock..
Tick tock..

The clock kept ticking..
As a new blog was created..
As I wrote my first post..

Tick tock..
Tick tock..
Tick tock..

One post..
Next post..
Few posts..
And here
Another post..
It’s still ticking..

Tick tock..
Tick tock..

The shrill is sweet..
For it marks time..
A special moment..
And it chimes to shout out…

Here is the 50th post..
On the 600th day of the first Ripple..

It’s time to throw back a quick glimpse..

I started blogging as a complete novice..
Just to spill out few words of my thoughts..
After 600 days, I’m still a novice,
Yet my brain is being filled better everyday..
Better than I could have ever dreamed..

What I thought I knew,
At the start of blogging
Has undergone a radical change..

My old beliefs were shattered..
Fears were crumbled..
Still I am trusted..
Just to be myself and
Still be better than awesome..
For new paths were discovered..
And a new journey has begun..
Within my thoughts and beyond..
In the blogosphere and beyond..

The more I read and tread,
The more I learn and realise,
How much vast the ocean is..
And how tiny a drop* I’m in blogging..

I thought I was looking
At a part of the world..
I now know I’m just looking
At a pin hole on
The outlines* of blogosphere,
Which makes me awkward..

I wonder why*
I ever thought that
I could be worthy of blogging..

And I now realise that,

The simple moments of life*
Have turned into
The treasured moments of heart,
With the joy of
Appreciation, Belief
And Compliments
From the Dear ones of blogosphere..

The life is not just about growing..
It also includes struggling and
It’s about not giving up..
It’s all about writing*,
Even through storms..

It is all about learning to stay afloat..
You just keep Jiving your way*
And you would eventually end up
In the path you are destined to..

You don’t choose a path.
The path chooses you..
And all you could hope is,
Let the walk* be filled with beauty..
And let’s not be blind to ignore
The beauty in the mundane..

When the eyes behold beauty,
Our lips light up with a smile..
Let’s spill out all our smiles here and there*
And let us straighten the world
With the curve of our lips
And the spill of our pens..

And here above
Are the eight bloggers,
Who got struck
In my compass,
With their unique charm,
To guide me
Into various realms
And have accompanied me,
In the travel of my blogosphere..

There are lot more bloggers
And pointers that have led me to here..
They had been of great help
In unravelling
My knots of thoughts*

I could have got lost
And would not be here today
Even if one of them
Were absent or invisible..

I’m reading writing living* here..
And that’s not a mere living
But it’s living the dream* life..

Let my soul talk*
And let that touch* yours..
Let you not be a Martian*
But let be a sweet Mithai*
When your heart speaks*
To hit on the like button..

It is possible only coz of YOU..
The one who’s reading this..
Till this post, till this line..
For you have been with me..
So long through the journey..

Now let me ask you,
To follow the stars..
Spread through my post..
For these are the stars
That brighten up
my dark nights
and are my companion
at my glowing moments..

Now I’m going at a loss of words..
For the simple two words “Thank You”
Is so short to express what I feel..

As I go in search of words..
I hear that sound again..

Tick tock..
Tick tock..
Tick tock..

The time stands test
To our trials and treasures..

Let me hear many more tick tocks..
And let time hear many more treasures..
Of mine from you…

Tick tock..
Tick tock..
Tick tock..

P.S. – I’m sorry that YOUR blog hasn’t find place in here yet.. I do thank you from the depth of my heart.. For reading till here.. You are indeed special to me.. Which is beyond the realms of words.. 😉


Thank You!!!

Saving the savior..

When you are in the depth of drowning world, there comes a ray of hope with the help..

That ray keeps growing and glowing till it consumes you entirely, then comes the real trouble..

The life of past becomes a distant dream, a scarcely remembered, and makes you think, was that your life?

This ray of hope had always been a friend to me, irrespective of the mess or depths I had been pushed to..

I had said my thanks and had not forgot them, yet I feel that’s insufficient expression of my gratitude…

I would like to pass on that favor of being that ray for someone else, hence I go in search..

This search yields me lots n lots of insights on so many things.. A change in perspective tumbles me..

Hence I stop and just listen to the cries of needs..

They are
so subtle,
So scary,
So desperate,
so silent,
sometimes non-existent,
Yet so loud..

My rays reach out and cover a scarce ground for now..

In spite of being the ray, a darkness still resides inside..

Which keeps reminding me of the darkness and the struggle of being there..

Though my ray proves as a proof, that the past was a passing cloud..
It is the same ray that encompasses the still unlit darkness, the remaining residue of the past..

Now I could let the bygones be bygones..

But I just keep wondering, why none of the ray never warned me…
That the ray is not only hope..
It also absorbs a part of the darkness..
Being ray has its own darker side..
The darkness never ceases..

Yet do I warn?
Can I warn?
Will I warn?
I guess,
It is a big no…

Am I removing darkness of others?
Am I removing my own darkness?

I knew I buried myself in darkness in past,
Am I burying myself again?
In the rays of hope?
If so, let it be..

This is lot more fun..
For I presume,
I’m a savior,
Rather than
A victim..

Let me be the savior of you and hence save myself.. 🙂