Exquisite Silhouette!

When was the last time you stopped to notice the simple mundane things with attention to detail?

If you are wondering so long, to remember that, now is the time to look around.. But with a little more attention to those everyday things and scenery, we take-for-granted.

Isn’t there something beautiful that grabbed your attention, more than others. Now, frame-it and hang-it out, not in the legal sense, but with a camera and a blog post.

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He is hosting this challenge for over a year now and he is always kind to share his views / appreciation on the submissions, as well as, to compile them in his next week’s post. Do enjoy his clicks and other submissions for the challenge over here!




Multitude of people in multiple colors!

What better place to have a look at people of all sorts than a railway station.. And this art displayed there perfectly portrays that vibrancy of variety. Kindly excuse for the lack of a better angle or framing. I was rushing to catch a train and the colors screamed to be captured and here it is..

Vibrant People


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