Language of communication

Few conversations
Are beyond words
And silence
Is as effective
As eloquence
When the communicators
Know to interpret
And understand them!


The same count of days
Follows “Theory of Relativity”
As it seems long,
While waiting for the dreaded day,
But seems shorter,
While waiting for the dearest day..

Dare to become!

We don’t get to decide,
What we are born as!
What we are born as
Doesn’t restrict
What we become..
Keep following your dreams,
Even if it’s against the tides!

The fall

The deeper you fall,
The higher you soar,
But make sure that
You fall for the right person / thing! 

Restoring equilibrium

While being overwhelmed with too much to process, sometimes the simplest of acts restores the equilibrium and helps in dealing with everything else easier!

So what did you do today to make someone smile?


A tiny flame is enough
to ignite a whole forest..
A simple gesture is enough
to give hope to a waiting heart..


The force that lets you live
rather than survive.
The force that shatters the heart
with unrealisable ones.


The year long feud
The month long waiting
The week long quarrel
The whole-day silence
The brimming tears
Waiting to spill
Was replaced with a twinkle
With a silent hug
And a sweet kiss!

Random motivation

There are few random lines that stick to us for a long time.. Even after we forget when, where, who said or any such details. But just the idea seems to reiterate and give us hope or happiness or cause sadness.

To me one such line is this: “Whenever you feel demotivated, motivate others”

That is such a deep and valuable lesson for me.

Would be glad to know if you have any such quote or insurance..

Vicious wish!

I neither have the heart to wish life
Nor the courage to face death!
Hence life rolls on!


I am far from you,
Like the water droplets on the lotus leaves,


I am so near you,
Like the reflections of moon in the river..

For now or Forever?!

Click, click, click…
The beauty of the moment was lost,
to the naked eye,
as it was viewing through the view-finder,
to freeze them forever in pictures!


The first phrase is provided by Dr. HB in his blog here. Anyone who comes across this is free to give an alternate second phrase. Feel free to unleash your creativity with a new second phrase. And just remember to post it in the comments.. Looking forward for your take on this.. 🙂

Am I excused?!

“I’m sorry, ” I said
To HB, for joining in so late!

But consoled myself,
Better late than never,
To join in his Two-phrase story challenge,
Which I have extended to two-verse.. 😛

I will be sticking to just another phrase, from next week.. 😉 (I hope I do follow that!)