The fading picture!

It was a fading picture
And hence I threw it away!

If you were expecting a twist or dramatization of the picture, sorry to disappoint you.. That’s what actually happens in life most of the times.. 😉

11 thoughts on “The fading picture!

    1. I wanted this post to have no inner meaning and simply state a fact..

      If you would like to see some deeper meaning, please explain your understanding and I’m happy to see new views.. 😉


  1. I can see that explanation… but for the fact that I see no reference to a calendar in your Post. I still don’t know what “actually happens in life”? You are creating an analogy between life and a calendar? I would love to understand your thinking here.

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    1. That line is in reference to expecting twists and turns..

      It is easy to romanticize life and expect a fairy tale twist for a happily ever after, but most instances are pretty mundane and life goes on..

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    2. Well yes…. life does go on….. but if it is mundane, then you must take responsibility for that because you have choices. Where would our creative history be without the romantics? Yes, there is a reality which must be confronted, but that reality is driven by our perception of the world. The world, to me, is an exciting place offering wonderful experiences for those who wish to explore them.

      Specifically, I can sit at home and watch tv all day, or I can get out and meet people; do something productive, or otherwise make constructive use of my time. It is my choice!

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