This is indeed about my name. I have been asked several times about the meaning of my name and my lazy self decided to write a post once and share it henceforth! I could see you smirking at my laziness, but as ever, I couldn’t cut short the meaning into a line or two and I also think that the name deserves a post of its own. Hence, without further ado, here is the story of Aadhirai.

There are Five great epics in Tamizh literature. One of them is Manimekalai.

The title character, Manimekalai, has a special bowl, amutha surabhi (something similar to cornucopia), which gives food forever and it never empties, so she could feed the needy. When she received that bowl, it came with a condition. It will start repleting itself only if it receives alms from a person so pure and generous.

அமுத சுரபிக்கே அமுதிட்டவள் ஆதிரை.. That is Aadhirai. The one who gave alms to Amudha surabhi itself..

This is the first info I learnt about her and it made me search, What’s so special about her? And here’s her story. She is the wife of a merchant named Saadhuvan. They were a lovely couple. He went in search of wealth, to far away countries in ship. The ship wrecked and he was swept ashore in some uncivilized island. He took it up on him to teach them civilisation and Buddhism, which ultimately made him the king of that island and he completely forgot about Aadhirai.

Unlike him, she was dutifully waiting for him to return even after years. When she came to know that the ship he traveled was wrecked, she lost her hope in return. And in line with the custom prevalent at that time, she walked in fire to give up herself.

The fire couldn’t burn her for she was that devoted to her husband and she heard a voiceover saying that he is alive and the same person who gave the voiceover, went on to push a reminder to Saadhuvan that she is waiting for him. And eventually he returned with huge wealth and they lived happily ever after.

I am not commenting on the possibility or actuality of the story, for the first part was enough for me to fall in love with this name. And for sure, this back story didn’t hurt. Why would a happily ever after story would? 😉

I also came to know that Aadhirai is the name of a star. Ah! Now I am a star!! And now its time for you to add sparkle to this star with a like and extend the rays with few words in comments and expand my sky by sharing this post! 😉


28 thoughts on “Aadhirai

  1. What a lovely Post, but I have a question. Your name shows as Aadhira, and I have always addressed you as such……… but every now and then, it is spelled Aadhirai. What is the significance of the ” i ” on the end?

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    • Aadhi might have created a confusion about my gender, for its more common as a guy’s name.. 😉

      But now I’m wondering whether that would have been better.. 😉 😛

      Anyway, while registering wp I chose Aadhira, for who-remembers-that reason and I’m using whichever I prefer at the moment.. So please feel free to come up with your version as you wish.. 😉

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    • Just to the either of them?! 😉

      Because, I’ve been getting many replies, even without either of the addressing and I’m starting to wonder, whether Ray started mimicking your replies too.. 😛

      And yes, come let’s celebrate! 😀


    • Well, to be honest, Aadhira wasn’t gender specific for me either, but then it shouldn’t matter too much. 🙂
      Aadhirai is nice and I think I’ll use it for the present! 🙂

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    • Thanks for preferring Aadhirai.. 🙂
      I’m happy to have a comment from you and not bothered about the version of name.. 😉

      I wish there is a pun in the present and looking forward to open it.. 😉 😛

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  2. I had this Aadhirai Aadhira confusion too because in Malayalam it is normally Aathira for the thiruvathira star. I presumed it would be something like how Devatha is referred to as as Devathai 🙂
    I had no idea there was a story behind Aadhira and it is indeed beautiful. It is like Panchali’s akshayapatra.

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