Where to, next?! 

Does the path decide the journey?
Does the journey decide the path?

While the whole world
Keeps racing towards..
Same goal for the herds..
Unique goals to unique persons..

One was revolving
In the same spot for ages
With the belief
That’s the destination..

A butterfly flapped its wings
The impact was on the revolving..
The spinning at one point
Wasn’t enough anymore!

The stagnant pool stirred
Started to dribble,
it flew through and over
The stumbling stones..

As it kept flowing through
valleys and mountains,
It nourished few and
Demolished few too..

Yet, it kept it’s course..
When the paths ceased,
It was baffled and doubtful
Of where to, next..

The energy was bubbling..
Couldn’t be contained..
Hence it continued to flow..
And a new path was created!

Does the path decide the journey?
Does the journey decide the path?

8 thoughts on “Where to, next?! 

  1. This does not answer your question, but it did seem appropriate:

    “The River”
    (Copyright Colin Chappell 2016)

    Starts out a little child
    Playing with the stones
    Running through the countryside
    Passing trees and nearby homes

    Inviting friends to join
    The river swells in size
    Rushes onward in its game of tag
    With birds and dragonflies

    Wider now it gets
    And slower does it flow
    It carefully follows contours
    Singing as it goes

    But no longer do the stones play
    For the river now is deep
    As it heads towards some mountains
    Its destiny it must meet

    It’s older now and wiser
    But the drop it did not see
    The many rocks so far below
    The waters wild and free

    Cascading down the mountain
    Hitting rocks and broken trees
    It must have thought so many times
    Can I survive all this

    This is harder than I imagined
    I never believed this to be so
    My life is tearing me apart
    Which way must my waters flow?

    I am divided in my thoughts
    Confused by the turmoil found
    Is this what life is all about?
    Where does peace abound?

    Then suddenly all was quiet
    Its waters slowed right down
    The river was, once more, a river
    Of the turmoil, there was no sound

    The river came to realize
    That while confusion briefly reigned
    It was just a minor set back
    In its journey as ordained

    Ordained by a higher power
    To help the river grow
    To understand adversity
    And a love of life to show

    The river caressed the fields
    And trees lived on its sides
    Fish were in its waters
    And on it, many insects thrived

    A love of life was to be displayed
    Wherever it may go
    To teach the world just what it means
    To be alive, to learn, and to grow

    The river’s purpose, once unknown
    Now was clearly seen
    To serve, to cherish, to love
    Its mission to simply be

    And as it moved towards the sea
    Its journey almost done
    It reflected on its wanderings
    And a revelation was born

    Its journey had been a lesson
    Of not to be afraid
    Of all of life’s challenges
    They are but teaching aids

    To help us in our growth
    To appreciate who we are
    To help those less fortunate
    To show compassion near and far

    That river’s life is now complete
    Absorbed by an endless sea
    That river’s life I knew so well
    That river perhaps…
    …was me?

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    1. This is such a beautiful comparison.. Thank you for sharing this.. 🙂

      Is this one already posted on your blog?

      P.S. I have nothing to add / reply to this wonderful poetry, since it’s already complete in every way.. 😀

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    2. I had the feeling I’ve read it already and I’m right.. I’ve already liked and commented on the post and I still remember it (though very vaguely) 😉

      Guess that post had a great impact to leave a trace even after almost a year.. 🙂

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    3. I could not ask for a better reward than for a piece of poetry be remembered a year later! Of course, just to put that into perspective, I remember ” I wandered lonely as a cloud, That floats on high o’er vale and hill…………….”, which Wordsworth wrote over 200 years ago! 🙂

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    4. Our words indeed live longer than us, provided the words are etched into the memories of a reader and strikes a chord in the heart.. The deeper the impact, longer the journey.. 😉

      The reason I remember this “vaguely” is, I’ve loved this idea of the person being a river for longer than I remember.. In fact ripples was sort of an expression by the river. So I was wondering whether it’s from your post or have I already written a similar one.. 🙂

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    5. Not all questions are for answer! Sometimes they are just questions to ponder..

      And yes the analogy is so perfect.. That’s the reason I’ve mentioned a pool somewhere in the post.. 😉

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