What I wish to be!

Oh bamboo forests!
Oh songs hummed by bees!
Oh dear falls, that splatters drops
Of water into the far away peaks!

Born in the laps of nature,
How to live by losing heart?
I’m vexed of being human,
I wanna roam and fly as a bird!


The red lotus that blooms in the mud;
Smells not of the mud, but of its own life!
The trees don’t hate, even when roots are cut;
It showers flowers even on the root-cutting rivers!

Won’t I change into lotus?
To achieve the purpose of this birth;
Won’t I change into tree?
To attain serenity in this human life;
Won’t I become a dew drop?
To be relished by the sunny ray or a bunny!


Even when clouds are formed from salty oceans;
It never ever rains back with saltwater!
Even when the sun falls down over the mountains;
It extends its life by lighting the moon!

Won’t I change as clouds?
To achieve the greatness of its character;
Won’t I change into Sun?
To rule the world with my light;
Won’t I become rain drop?
To live beyond birth and death!

This song has a beautiful music which adds the feel to the lyrics and pretty good visualisation too.

This song is one of my all time favourites and which never fails to lift up my mood and provide some sanity to my life. As the translation tries to bring out the essence of this song, I can’t think of anything, to add more to this heart-warming song..

So What is the favourite part of this song??


Movie: Samurai | Music: Harris Jayaraj | Lyricist: Vairamuthu | Singers: Hariharan, Tippu

Moongil Kaadukale Vandu Munakum Paadalkale
Dhoora Sigarangalil Thanneer Thuvaikkum Aruvikale

Iyarkai Thaayin Madiyil Piranthu
Eppadi Vaazha Ithayam Tholainthu
Salithu Ponen Manithanaai Irunthu
Parakka Vendum Paravaiyaai Thirinthu
Thirinthu Paranthu Paranthu

Setru Thaneeril Malarum Sivappu Thamaraiyil
Seru Manappathillai Poovin Jeevan Manakkirathu
Verai Aruthaalum Marangal Veruppai Umizhvathillai
Arutha Nathiyin Mel Marangal Anantha Poochoriyum

Thamarai Poovaai Maareno
Jenma Saabalyangal Kaanenoo
Maramaai Naanum Maareno
En Manitha Piraviyil Uyienoooo
Veyilo Muyalo Parukum Vannam
Vellai Panithuli Aahenø


Uppu Kadalødu Megam Urpathi Aanaalum
Uppu Thanneerai Megam Orupøthum Šinthaathu
Malaiyil Vizhunthaalum Šuriyan Marithu Pøvathillai
Nilavukku Oliyutti Thannai Needuthu Kølkirathe

Megamaai Naanum Maarenø
Athan Menmai Kunangal Kaanbenø
Šuriyan Pølave Maarenø
Èn Jøthiyil Ulagai Aalenø
Jananam Maranam Ariyaa Vannam
Naanum Mazhaithuli Aahenø


14 thoughts on “What I wish to be!

    1. You couldn’t have heard it unless you started including Tamil songs in your playlist.. 😉

      My part is just translating so all credits to the lyricist Vairamuthu.. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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